In the Art Room

I’m knee deep…

… in research notes, transcripts, painfully boring books about research… not to mention job searching…

This is why I’ve been so lax in posting lately. This is why my posts have been centered around job searching lately. This grad school thing has been such a painful process for me. I am thoroughly amazed that I managed to not only graduate high school and undergrad, but I was a straight ‘A’ honor student. How? I hate school. I’ve never been able to tolerate reading assigned readings, I’ve never been able to sit through lectures, I frequently turned assignments in late and I was never prepared for tests. Yet, I somehow managed to get fantastically fabulous grades.

This blows my mind. I hate reading. I hate writing. I hate listening. And grad school has brought that all back to me. I remember when I graduated undergrad, I was SO happy to be done. I wanted nothing to do with school for a while. As a teacher, I knew I would have to eventually go back to grad school, but being in school for SO many years was tiring, and I needed a break!

This whole thesis process has been the worst thing I’ve had to go through in a long, long time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind learning and reading and writing for pleasure but the moment it becomes academic, you’ve lost me. I get fidgety, I get anxious, I get restless, I get panicky. It sucks. Thank God I only have two months of this left!

Just for fun, I thought I would share with you some pages from my journal. This is how I maintain my sanity during the whole class thing and learning process. I doodle. And my note taking process is so decorative that I highly doubt anyone else could follow it. Enjoy!

(notes from an Oceanic blah, blah, blah art history course I took last summer)
(funny enough, the professor of the course noticed my notes and praised me for them. He must not have realized that these doodles were the only thing keeping me from falling asleep)
(research notes. I love arrows and boxes and bubbles)
(see? told you so)

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