Desperately Seeking Employment

The Waiting Game

I had a job interview today, for a .40 Elementary Art position. As the new school year is just around the corner it is quite understandable that schools are scrounging to fill their last few openings. I understand they’re desperate. I understand they’re hoping for the best when it comes to finding qualified candidates so late in the game. I do not, however, understand why a principal conducting an interview would begin by outlining all the negatives about the job. Was she trying to talk me out of it? Was she trying to scare me? With only three candidates being interviewed and only days before a decision needs to be made, shouldn’t she have been doing her best to sell me on the position? And how come no one wants to look at my portfolio? I worked hard on that thing, I’d like someone to peruse through it and admire it, thank you very much. *Sigh* I need cake.


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