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Time to Fess Up

Did someone feature me somewhere and not tell me? All of a sudden I have a HUGE spike in traffic to my art teacher blog. I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m flattered by all the attention. But seriously, if someone talked about me, LET ME KNOW! I like to reward people for their good deeds. I have tons of “goody” bags just waiting for good homes.

NOTE: If you or someone you know spread the word about this little blog, please let me know whether you prefer multi-colored glitter or glitter that has become multi-colored because someone lost the patience to make sure kids didn’t mix it. And furthermore, you like pom poms and feathers, right? I thought so. Just checking. Not that this has anything at all to do with the above mentioned “goody” bags. I’m just curious. Yes, that’s it. I’m just curious.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually have goody bags to give away. Sorry to disappoint.


8 thoughts on “Time to Fess Up

  1. Congrats on the traffic! I've also seen a spike in my traffic, although I can't figure out why. My all-time hits are at about 32,000, and half of them came from Sept. 6 to Oct. 6.


  2. Love your insite! I'm an art teaching in Missouri, started a blog but only have 2 followers and somehow it counted myself as one…so really one follower! I'm at:
    Have enjoyed reading your posts! Thank you!


  3. JG says:

    Hi-An Art teacher friend of mine in Texas, put a link to this on her FB & I just saw it. I'm in Wi-retired from teaching hs Art & now teaching elem Art methods @ a local Univ. I plan on emailing your link to several Art teacher friends! Your insights & observations are true & hilarious and I LOVE the 20 list (and the 3 more items which were posted under comments)!
    I hope your year goes well!


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