Dear Students

Caution: Hell just froze over.

Um… Kindergarten students?

Yeah, you.

My Monday Kindergarten class.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Clay day is supposed to be a fun day. Not a whiny, “I don’t wanna” day. Granted, we weren’t using real clay, just modeling clay, but it was supposed to be practice for our next art class when we would use real art clay. Plus, it was supposed to be a relatively laid-back, I-don’t-have-to-do-much day for me. I mean, yeah, I had to teach you how to make a pinch pot, but generally speaking, clay day always teaches itself.

Except for today.

Because you would be having none of that today. What the hell is wrong with you? Kids love clay. Especially magic clay that never dries up. Plus, it was your very own clay that you would get to keep for keeps! It even had your name on it.

But no, half way through the class, you all decided you were bored and would prefer to read books on the carpet and free draw with colored pencils.

And I let you, because in case you hadn’t heard, I didn’t intend on really teaching today.


5 thoughts on “Caution: Hell just froze over.

  1. You just never know… today my K's seemed to think texture rubbings (using just old pieces of textured wallpaper and unwrapped old crayons) is the best invention in the world. For once they forgot to even ask “are we painting today?” They spent their time merrily working while singsonging “Texture, Texture, Learn all about it!” (like “extra, extra, read all about it”


  2. I just love this blog!!!!
    I believe you are spying on my art classroom. Been with Ks that have the same feeling about clay, and even coloring.
    The only thing I have done with my Ks lately that got any kind of interest going was to go outside and paint with water only. They loved that! Me too, because it was one of those I'm not doing much days for me too.


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