In the Art Room

‘Tis the Season… for the sickies

It’s the last week of school before Winter break. Teachers are frazzled, students are wired, and learning expectations are low. Gifts are being exchanged, parties are being had, and good cheer is being spread. Holiday cards are being made, movies are being watched, and students are puking all over the art room.

Wait, what?

Yup. That’s right. It’s every teacher’s fear this time of year, seasonal sickies. Otherwise known as the stomach bug. You hope and pray to get through the last few weeks without being affected by it. You check for tell-tale signs as students enter your classroom.

“Are you sniffling?”

“Why are your cheeks so pink? Do you have a FEVER?”


Here’s hoping you all make it through the holiday season without contracting the seasonal sickies. I’m keeping my fingers crossed after an upchuck incident in my room yesterday. *Sigh*

Happy Holidays


6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season… for the sickies

  1. Ugh! puking is the worst! My mom who is a high school english teacher, said that this week at school the science teacher had TWO kids in the same day puke in her classroom. I would just go home after that!


  2. My older sister was a second grade teacher before they moved her to first grade. She told the students and sent a letter to their parents saying she did not do puke and the parents had to sign it. it was so funny


  3. I hope i don't sound like a stalkerish weirdo… I found your profile in the Adirondack bloggers group on BlogHer, and had to join in the fun! I'm about to relocate to NY in the summer. Just saying hi! This blog seems so interesting – I used to dream of being an elementary school art teacher, so now I can live vicariously through you! ha ha 🙂

    If you have time, drop by my blog, I'd love to see you there!

    Have a great day!


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