A Day In the Life, Desperately Seeking Employment

A Midweek Gripe

Curses to whoever decided our Spring break had to coincide with Easter. We haven’t had a day off since January. JANUARY! And who decided Easter was going to be so late this year? I still can’t remember how that gets determined. And who told the kids it was okay to come down with Spring fever in mid-March? They’re running around like freakin’ little Energizer Bunnies, meanwhile my batteries are in need of a serious recharge.

4 1/2 more weeks. Four. And a half. More. Weeks. I will survive this.


6 thoughts on “A Midweek Gripe

  1. Add protesting before school everyone morning in front of school and protesting after school at the Capitol in Madison to spring fever. We almost lost not only are contracts last weekend but also the entire arts program in Madison. That's my life right now. Spring break? I could use a switch with another art teacher in another state!


  2. It's hard to say anything after the comment above, because it puts everything in perspective. Wisconsin's situation is heartbreaking, and I fear it is only the beginning of a wave.

    BUT – I can't complain, things are OK here and the snow will melt someday. We had “presidents' week” off in February, as we do every year. And so I can wait until spring break. But unlike many states, here in NY we are in school until almost the end of June.


  3. Anonymous says:

    On the other hand, they can never take collective bargaining from us in Texas because we never had it.
    However we are enjoying our spring break now.


  4. @ Phyl- We're in school just as long as NY AND we (teachers) start in late August. I think I calculated one day that our students are in school 190-some odd days and teacher's are 200- some odd days. I sometimes feel like the time I worked in NY I was privileged. 🙂

    @ Anonymous- We don't have unions/collective bargaining here either. Thought I would miss it moving from a union state, but I don't. Our faculty and staff are well taken care of, and, quite frankly, I'm just happy to have a job.


  5. I enjoyed reading your blog! Nice job. I read that a scientist with an art background does the best job of observing objects. This is something I noticed…ha!


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