A Day In the Life

"I Love Art"

Doesn’t it just make your day when you overhear students say those three little words to each other? It sure puts a smile on my face.

Hope all is well in the art teacher blogging world. I apologize for my absence. I hope to be back here soon.


6 thoughts on “"I Love Art"

  1. Missed you! Hope everything is OK~

    Yesterday, while demonstrating to excited 4th graders how to structure an ice cream cone for papier-mache, I showed them my unpainted prototype. One girl couldn't contain herself and blurted out “Mrs. Brown is a great artist! Everyone who thinks Mrs. Brown's a great artist put up your hand!” And everyone's hand went up. All this because I had stacked up and taped three newspaper balls on top of a paper cone. Magic!


  2. Because of my “ADD” tendency to lose complete track of time when involved with art, I have a “clean up” bell that goes off ten minutes prior to the end of class that alerts the kids that it's time to start clean up. After the clean up bell chimes, it's the sound of “nooo!”, the groans, the sighs of sadness, and the begging for “five more minutes please?” that makes my day- every day-25 times a week. It's a little sadistic how much I love that they don't want to leave. And then it's the fact that I can't walk down the hall during class changes without feeling like a celebrity from all the waves and hellos and hugs and questions about what's next in Art. Yup… It's tough being me. I love Art too.


  3. I wish I could post a picture here! I love hearing all the “I love Art!” comments, but finding *I love Art* written on the bathroom wall is the heights! I have the cutest little picture of I love Art written just above the toilet in the bathroom next to the art room…how sweet?
    We have the best job in the school! I'm convinced that all those classroom teachers who make sarcastic comments to me about how they work harder than I do, well, they are just jealous:-)! I REALLY DO LOVE ART!!!


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