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I’m Booooooored!

Aw, summer vacation. A time both students and teachers dream of. A time when kids get outdoors more (hopefully), and probably lose about 75% of the knowledge they actually learned during the school year. But who cares, they’re experiencing life, man.

Summer vacation. A time when teachers become people again and compose a lengthy and ambitious to-do list, but probably don’t actually start tackling it until about a week before school starts up again. But who cares, this is vacation, a time to relax, man.

This morning, as I was lying in bed, enjoying the first morning of my vacation, envisioning all that I will* accomplish this summer, Mr. Art Teacher commented, “I wish I had summers off.” My reply, as always, “You should have become a teacher.” And his response, as always, “No way.” And this is why he earns twice what I do, despite his less superior education, but I digress.

My fear for this summer vacation is that boredom will set in. And set in quickly. It feels as if I haven’t had a responsibility-free summer in years. I remember as a kid looking forward to the summer, but quickly running out of things to do. I remember being bored nearly to tears (although I’m sure plenty of tears were involved). I would like a boredom-free summer this year, but I don’t anticipate that happening, despite my extensive to-do list (see below). I expect my ever expanding belly and my ever decreasing energy levels will have me lounging around more than I would like during the next eight weeks. I also have a sneaking suspicion that this little one is going to come early. I can’t explain why, it’s just a feeling I have, and the dreams I’ve been having lately sure as heck aren’t helping. Neither are the hiccups I’ve been feeling in my vagina. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping she holds out until at least her due date, if not longer. But again, I digress.

In preparation for my long, hopefully non-lazy days of summer, I present to you, my to-do list (in no particular order):

My Summer To-Do List *UPDATED*
  •  Travel to NY for a week to see family and friends
  • Attend my baby shower 
  • Attend a four-hour class (that I get paid for. And gives me re-certification points. Or something like that.)
  • Refinish a crib
  • Refinish a dresser
  • Refinish a piece of furniture that I have no idea what to call it, but it has cubbies and should be really useful in the nursery. 
  • Put together the nursery
  • Decorate the nursery
  • Do some baby shopping
  • Clean the house (except the bathrooms. Mr. Art Teacher does those now. Voluntarily, I might add.)
  • Update my other blogs
  • Go to the farmer’s markets. Weekly
  • Catch one more live concert. Or two
  • See a few movies in the actual theater
  • Go out to dinner. A lot
  • Read
  • Throw some pottery (for any non-art people out there, that means I’ll be creating pieces on a potter’s wheel, not actually throwing ceramic bowls against a wall or anything. Although there’s the potential for that to happen as well)
  • Start the baby book
  • Tackle some DIY nursery projects
  • Nap
  • Tour the hospital I’ll be delivering in
  • Attend a doctor’s appointment. Or twenty
  • Catch up on TV
  • Hang out in the pool (fully equipped with a water gun filled with ice cold water to chase the obnoxious kids away with)
  • Eat
  • I can’t believe I forgot the most important item on my summer to-do list… GIVE BIRTH!!!

What exciting things are on your summer to-do list?

* Because I have ambition, man.** Ambition.
** Apparently summer vacation brings out the dude-speak in me.


9 thoughts on “I’m Booooooored!

  1. Our last day of school was today (half-day at least!) but I have grad classes starting Monday….augh!

    By the way, when people tell me that they wished they had summers off, I tell them the same thing you do! (which usually results in the same response you received this morning…)


  2. Definitely sounds like you will NOT be getting bored any time soon. I remember those summers that seemed to go on and on…as a child. But as an art teacher….I never get bored anymore. Enjoy your pre-newborn baby time! Have a good summer.


  3. Oh boy! or Girl! Exciting times ahead. Mine is 4 months and what I thought was fun before is getting super fun now. Even though it's mostly fun, you've got to be tough *man, seriously being a mom of an infant and working is super tough. My husband is “great” but I am surprised at how much has fallen on my shoulders. I hate when people give me advice but here I go, take a lot of time before the baby to strengthen your bond with your husband. That's my 2 cents:) Enjoy your summer!


  4. I'm never bored – always something to do! But I know how being pregnant can change your energy level. So enjoy the time to relax – you'll be busy soon!
    This summer I'm going to walk on the bike path, swim and kayak in the lake, paint, make jewelry, read lots of book, go to the gym (on rainy days), cook healthy food, and lose 10 pounds!


  5. HA! Hilarious that you forgot about the giving birth thing! Well, that will happen without you planning for it, anyway. Fortunately, babies have to come out some time! 6 years ago, I was in labor with my first baby. Hard to imagine a time before her now. Enjoy your summer! And totally nosy, but is “Mr Art Teacher” new?


  6. Oh boy.. my summer to do list? Well, you asked for it!! Most if it involves saving Wisconsin and fighting for my students' education.

    1. Recall six Republican Senators who are destroying Wisconsin.

    2. Get the Republicans replaced with Democrats (aka LOTS of canvassing!! I'm about to lose a lot of weight)

    3. Reorganize my entire art room.

    4. Teach summer school for 8 weeks.

    5. Join Emerge WI which trains women to run or help others run for office. (Go Shelly Moore! Running in the recall elections and a fellow teacher!)

    6. Take a Spanish for Educators week long 8-5 class.

    My to do list is a bit intense this year. I think having a baby tops all though.


  7. Wow, your list is long! Mine is pretty simple; My husband and I are detoxing all bad fungus out of our bodies, under the supervision of our Dr of Kinesiology. I know it sounds weird but I am hoping it helps my heel spurs. I am seeing some major improvements and it is only 2 weeks now. Work on my vegetable garden and start tent camping with my family. Enjoy your summer!


  8. I have a list around here somewhere…
    It always does feel like this for me in the summer- all my friends work, and usually I feel like I have looming unscheduled time. Luckily my BF of just under a year works from home with a very flexible schedule, so we have been going on little summer adventures. And I do actually have a to do list, too. I love your blog! I just started blogging, so I am hoping I will get that beefed up bit by bit over the summer, too.
    Have a great summer!!


  9. You have a lot to do on your list! You might want to increase your nap intake!

    I planned on doing lesson plans, some embroidery, some quilting, a painting of my dog, cleaning out the fridge and cabinets, working out. I'm into my 4th week and I've lazed around the house and watched TV and stared at the computer. I don't know how much I'll accomplish…but like you say…it's vacation, right?


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