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Revisiting My Summer To-Do List

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It’s been almost a month (yikes!) since I discussed my summer “To-Do” list. During this month, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is much more rewarding to compile daily “Done” lists rather that daily “To-Do” lists. I’ve been making these satisfying lists for about two weeks now, and it’s giving me an idea of my levels of ambition and motivation these days. I’m inching towards 36 weeks pregnant (double yikes!), and some days I’m brimming over with energy and ambition, and other days I’m too tired and drained to think about doing anything. And other days I have the ambition and drive, but my body just won’t let me get anything done, whether it’s because of aches and pains or because breathing has become a tremendous chore most days. It’s been rather aggravating to accept (not that I have yet) that I’m becoming more and more limited each day, and it’s so frustrating to discover that it takes me at least twice as long to accomplish things as it did a month or two ago. That being said, I have tackled (and revised) many of the items on my summer “To-Do” list. Check it out.

My Summer To-Do List
  •  Travel to NY for a week to see family and friends Done! And it was wonderful, although slightly depressing to return to Virginia where we have no family and no close friends.
  • Attend my baby shower Done! And it was beyond amazing. My twin sis, along with the help of a couple of other sisters and my mom, put on the most fabulous, most perfect baby shower filled with all sorts of creative DIY details. (If you’re interested, you can check out some pics here)
  • Attend a four-hour class (that I get paid for. And gives me re-certification points. Or something like that.) Uh… not done. I totally bailed on this, but in my defense I was beat and recovering from the NY trip (after which I had no intention of sitting in a car for longer than 15 minutes for the rest of the summer. Until the trip to the hospital, that is).
  • Refinish a crib I canned this project after seeing the crib for the first time in NY. It’s in such good shape, I decided to just give it a good scrubbing.
  • Refinish a dresser Done! Well, almost done. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the hardware and the legs still need painting, but close enough!
  • Refinish a piece of furniture that I have no idea what to call it, but it has cubbies and should be really useful in the nursery. I also canned this project after realizing that the color actually worked with some of the other decor in the room.
  • Put together the nursery Still working on it… almost there…
  • Decorate the nursery Still working on it… almost there…
  • Do some baby shopping Ugh! I have been slowly tackling this chore (and shopping, in any form, is a chore for me).
  • Clean the house This is a continuous work in progress. Can a house ever really be clean?
  • Update my other blogs Um… maybe when I really can’t do anything anymore and must become a lump in a chair, otherwise, right now, I’m having a very hard time sitting still for very long to accomplish this.
  • Go to the farmer’s markets. Weekly. Oh, right. I had forgotten about this one.
  • Catch one more live concert. Or two. Done! But I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more.
  • See a few movies in the actual theater. Almost there…
  • Go out to dinner. A lot. Done! This one’s easy.
  • Read. Done! And ongoing.
  • Throw some pottery Done! And also ongoing.
  • Start the baby book Kind of? Again with the sitting still thing.
  • Tackle some DIY nursery projects Done! Refinishing furniture aside, I think I completed four other projects. There may be more to come. This nursery project has developed a life of it’s own.
  • Nap. Believe it or not, this is not happening. I’m going through a horrible bout of insomnia right now.
  • Tour the hospital I’ll be delivering in. I think we do this in August? I know I signed up for this, I just can’t remember when.
  • Attend a doctor’s appointment. Or twenty. Ongoing.
  • Catch up on TV. Ongoing. I’m currently working my way through all the seasons of Lost (which I was obsessed with while it was on TV and now I just want to experience them back-to-back). I’m on season 4 right now.
  • Hang out in the pool. Mother Nature won’t let me. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
  • Eat. Ongoing, obviously.
  • GIVE BIRTH!!! About 4-5 more weeks to go. Definitely no more than 6.
  • BONUS: Washed all the baby clothes and related items.

So, I’ve had the best intentions of writing some interesting art teacher/classroom related posts, but it seems I’m currently occupied by all things baby. Hopefully once I complete the nursery (which should be soon), I’ll have more time for intellectual endeavors. And maybe a couple of crafty projects to share!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation!


4 thoughts on “Revisiting My Summer To-Do List

  1. Have an awesome experience with your birth! Slow down and take some quiet reflective time for yourself-it's the last you'll have for awhhile! I too hate glitter-


  2. Don't forget to take your baby book to the hospital, they'll put the footprints in it for you! They do a much better job than I do… Good luck with everything, I hope you have a wonderful experience! 🙂


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