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Um…. What Happened to Summer?

I can’t believe it’s August already. I can’t believe it’s almost mid-August already. I can’t believe my due date is a week away. Where has the summer gotten too? All my plans… all my ambitions… *poof* gone. My long-term sub contacted me the other day to confirm plans for the start of the school year, and reality slapped me in the face. It seems like school just ended and we were just packing things up for the summer. But in about two weeks the teachers will be returning to school and getting ready for the new school year. Seriously, where has the time gone?

I had so many ideas and stories to blog about, but between preparing for baby, my laptop crashing back in July, and being too antsy and energized to sit still long enough to write anything, those plans didn’t pan out. I had visions of spending the summer in front of my wheel, but an incorrectly wired switch, a stifling heat wave and a growing belly kept me out of the garage and away from my wheel. I had grand expectations of getting most of my plans for the new school completed, my PowerPoints polished and my templates created, but again, the crashing laptop and antsy self…

With the baby arriving in two weeks (I’ve been given a deadline, so-to-speak) I find myself reflecting on all I’ve tackled and accomplished this summer and trying hard not to lament over the things I didn’t get done.

  • I started and completed the nursery, which included an extensive dresser makeover, assembling a wardrobe and giving it a face lift, assembling a night stand and giving it a face lift, assembling a rocker, the hanging of three sets of curtains (we get a lot of sun through the one window in the room), various DIY projects, the making of a hand stitched mobile (let it be known, I am not a sewing whiz), the hanging of said mobile, the hanging of a light, the hanging of art work, hooks, and shelving, and a few other tasks I’m sure I’m forgetting. 
  • I washed and organized all the baby clothes, blankets and bedding. 
  • I researched the heck out of and bounded into the world of cloth diapering. 
  • I probably cleaned the house once or twice. 
  • I managed to throw a few pieces on the wheel.
  • I read a few books
  • I attended an outdoor concert or two and saw a couple of movies in the theater.
  • I attended numerous doctor’s appointments and a hospital tour.
  • I went on a small hike.
  • I cooked a little and baked a little more.
  • I designed a beer label for a custom brew Mr. Art Teacher is brewing in honor of our new arrival.
  • I shopped. And shopped some more. And then shopped some more.
  • I kept a baby blog updated for my family, posted on my “design” blog, ended the run of a no longer relevant personal blog, ended the run of my “design” blog, and created a new personal blog.
  • I went out to dinner numerous times with Mr. Art Teacher, got together with friends on a few occasions, visited family and connected with local moms/potential new friends.
I guess when I list it all out like that it seems like I really have accomplished a lot this summer. But after days like today, wherein I take a three hour nap, I feel like I’m squandering my precious time. As I sit on the couch, watching old episodes of old TV shows, too tired and out of breath to move, I can’t help but think of all things I should be doing. But as Mr. Art Teacher reminds me on a near-daily basis, I’M PREGNANT. *Sigh* It’s been so hard going from an always active, hurried art teacher to a mere lump on the sofa.
But enough about me. How has your summer been? Are you ready to return to school yet? Have you returned to school yet? Have you accomplished everything on your summer to-do list? I’ve barely looked at my blogroll at all this summer, so let me know what I’ve missed!

4 thoughts on “Um…. What Happened to Summer?

  1. I return to school in 2 weeks also! crazy! Just rest now and enjoy the fact that you can rest. It will take awhile after the baby comes to get into a routine and catch up on sleep. Don't worry about being lazy!


  2. As an art teacher AND a doula, I concur with the Mr., and Marcia above, to relax, drink some water and enjoy these last few weeks of being able to lie around!
    In Canada, we don't start until the first Tuesday of September, but yes, I too am feeling the panic of school looming ever closer. So… I decided to take a non-children holiday with just my hubby! We are currently exploring Seattle. Loving the street art.
    All the best for a relaxed delivery!


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