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Show Me Your Apron!

I know a lot of art teachers who wear aprons while they teach in an attempt to protect their clothing from the destructive hands of little ones. Or maybe they’re just like me, a complete mess when it comes to working with anything that has the possibility of spilling and/or staining. Personally, I haven’t worn an apron while teaching since I was a student teacher. One of my colleagues, however, thought it would be a good idea to order us art teachers some new aprons for the new school year, with the intention that we would then decorate them  as we saw fit. Sounds like a great idea! This got me thinking, with the immense amount of creativity bouncing around inside art teachers, there must be some fabulous aprons being worn out there. Which then got me thinking, I want to see them all!

I’ve decided to start a weekly feature here on Art Teachers Hate Glitter called Show Me Your Apron!. I want to see your wackiest, craziest, dirtiest, ugliest, most glamorous aprons. I want to see the colorful ones, the tattered ones, the bedazzled ones and the I-can’t-believe-I-forgot-to-take-this-off-and-wore-it-home ones. Not an art teacher? Who cares?! Any apron will do. Like I said, I don’t even wear an apron when I teach, but I do wear one in the kitchen and when I’m at my wheel.

Here’s how you can be featured…

  • Upload your picture to the Art Teachers Hate Glitter facebook page (You’ll have to “Like” ATHG in order to do so. See the sidebar for a link to direct you there if you’re not already a fan/follower/whatever they’re calling it these days) -or-
  • Email your picture to artteachershateglitter (at) gmail (dot) com
Photo requirements…
  • Be creative! Put your apron on display, photograph yourself wearing it, photograph someone else wearing it, whatever strikes your fancy!
  • Keep the file size small. I don’t want my inbox to get bogged down.
  • If you have a blog or website, include the web address with your photo so I can link to it when/if you’re featured.
  • Be patient. I have no idea what kind of response I will get for this. This idea may bomb or it may really take off.
  • Have a story to tell about your apron? Share it with me. I’d love to share it with my readers.
I look forward to seeing all the different aprons out there. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Show Me Your Apron!

  1. I wear some sort of apron or smock all the time, I have 3 or 4, as I'm always wiping off my hands and stuffing messy stuff in pockets. Here's a link to last year's new apron:
    It's totally paint covered now, and I've been making a new apron, though I'll also continue to use the old one(s).

    I'll be in school on Friday – will have to shoot a photo of my nasty arsenal of paint-y plaster-y stiff-with-dried-acrylics art shirts!


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