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Thank you!

A couple posts back I ranted about mediocre (okay, lousy) maternity leave and having to return to work. I want to take a minute to thank everyone who commented and showed so much support and encouragement. Thank you. I know a lot of you have been in my shoes; my problems are certainly not unique. After mulling it over and discussing our situation with Mr. ATHG, I decided to call human resources and look into taking a couple of more weeks off. I was informed that after my six weeks of short-term disability time was up, I could then tack on some FML (Family Medical Leave) time on, up to an additional six weeks. Well, Mr. ATHG and I had concluded that we could probably afford for me to take two extra weeks off, especially since we weren’t counting on me getting any short-term disability pay (I had previously been informed by co-workers that if you gave birth outside of the contract calendar, you were not eligible for short-term disability). So, I put in the paperwork that would allow me to stay at home with Sweet A for two additional weeks. Hooray!

Unfortunately, after submitting my paperwork, getting all excited about extra time at home, delaying my daycare search (something I’m sure I’ll come to regret) and making plans for visitors, I was contacted by the company that handles our disability. As it turns out, the woman who initially handled my claim messed up, and I am, in fact, not eligible for disability. Apparently I would of had to be employed with the school system for a full year before I was eligible. I was six days shy of making that full year. It was explained that I would have had to have given birth to Sweet A on or after September 1st in order to have qualified (although my official hiring date was August 30th). I was crushed. Granted, the STD pay would have only been for about one week (after the 20-day period was up), but some money is better than no money, right?

Debt be damned, I’m still taking the extra two weeks off.


7 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Anonymous says:

    What? Really? I thought you got FMLA regardless giving you 12 weeks to bond with a child, no matter where you were. Which means, save some of those days for the unexpected dr visits, shots, sick days that you will encounter along the way? I didn't think they could NOT grant that to you? I know that FMLA is NOT paid time off, but guaranteed time off….. that stinks….. 😦


  2. We have the same rule here. Our librarian worked part time for 3 years and was currently working full time. But since she wasn't full time for a year she didn't qualify either.
    Glad you can still stay home. She did too. 🙂 She said it was worth every penny.


  3. Just found your blog and enjoy it! I'm an elementary art teacher who's been out on maternity leave since Thanksgiving '10, and my first day back is Monday (the day after next, agh!). I've been fortunate to be able to stay home that long. My county allows a full year with a guaranteed position in the system and thankfully I've got my actual school back. I did work my butt off for two summer nannying for a wealthy family to pay off my credit card debt (which has now skyrocketed again 'cause we ran out of money) and save up a bit, so that I've been able to stay home for my daughter's first 9 months. You can read about my daycare transition on my blog: http://www.ourlittlelentil.blogspot.com. Anyhow, I will be thinking about you! We're (kind of) in the same boat!

    ~Kristina @ Our Little Lentil


  4. I was three days shy of receiving my disability.. I feel your pain! But I took 8 weeks off and have not regretted it for a minute. My sweet Ruby was born July 28 and I love your blog, it sounds like we are having a very similar year, I thought of your blog and smiled today while I rushed into my art supply closet for a quick pumping session! Take care!


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