In the Art Room

Preparing To Go Back

Today I stopped in at my school to connect with my long-term sub. It amazes me that I head back to work next week. Has it really been eight weeks already? *Sigh* It has. As much as it pains me to leave my Sweet A with another, I’m kind of excited to go back to work. There’s going to be a lot of adjusting over the next month or more as there are big changes in our life right now (more on that in a bit) and at work. I lost my classroom over the summer, but fortunately they were able to build me one in the 6th grade pod. Unfortunately, it’s small. There’s only room for enough tables to tightly seat 24 kids, and I’m pretty sure I have a couple of classes this year with 29 or more students. On the plus side, I finally have sinks, cupboards and shelving, things that I didn’t have last year. Oh, and no nasty carpet!

On another positive note, I’m only returning to work part time. As you know, I was really distraught over returning to work and leaving my babe in daycare. Fortunately, Mr. ATHG was offered a new job, and he took it. This new job means I don’t have to work full time, yay! Now I’ll be working three days a week, and I can be home with my sweet girl Monday and Friday. I also managed to find a fantastic daycare arrangement for Sweet A, at least for the month of November. Because Mr. ATHG’s new job is further away, we’re looking to move at the end of November to a location more central to both our work places. *Sigh* A new baby… back to work… a new classroom… a new job for Mr. ATHG… moving… all in the span of three months. Oh, and then right after we move, Sweet A has to have minor surgery. If I make it to Christmas, it will be a miracle.


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