A Day In the Life

Hey. Hey, you! Yeah, you…

What color are my pants?

Co-worker: A beautiful chocolate brown.


6th grade student: Brown-ish, purple-ish.


Other 6th grade student: Brown.


Mr. ATHG: What’re you asking me for? I’m color blind.

 Whoops! And here I thought they were dark grey when I bought them. I sure hope no one saw my socks.





One thought on “Hey. Hey, you! Yeah, you…

  1. Awesome. I recently bought a lovely new pair of (what I thought were) dark gray/possibly navy(?) slacks. Whatever color they were seemed fairly neutral, so I didn't bother to look at them that closely until the first day I wore them to school with my uniform shirt (red for that day). Thanks to the observations of a coworker, I realized that my lovely new neutral slacks were, indeed, a lovely dark plum. Purple. With my bright red shirt. Just one more day when being the art teacher is a win. Who else could get away with pretending that was on purpose?


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