A Day In the Life

"You have to do the things real teachers do too?"

Yes, this question was asked of me the other day. I was conversing with my daycare provider about my job, and we got on the topic of bus duty and my lack of planning/prep time and she was genuinely surprised that I had to do the work that real teachers do. I don’t know if she meant because I’m an art teacher or because I’m part-time (English isn’t her first language), but either way, it still stung a bit. Yes, art teachers plan and prep, and yes, even though I’m only part-time, I still have to plan and prep. Gee, some people sure don’t get it, do they?
(This photo obviously has nothing to do with this post, but I just had to share. This is the reason I only work part-time, and this is the reason, despite the fact that I love my job, why I wish I didn’t work at all sometimes. And in case you don’t know what you’re looking at, that’s a cloth diapered baby wearing leg warmers and a onesie.)

5 thoughts on “"You have to do the things real teachers do too?"

  1. CUTE Legwarmers and gammers (don't know the proper spelling.) Cloth diapers! U go! So good for the environment. Right now I'm full time (our life wouldn't work if I wasn't full time.) But I fantasize about part time! I fear that I would spend just as much time working though. Just prepping more and doing more.


  2. What really sucks is when you hear those comments from fellow teachers. Really makes you feel like part of the group, huh?

    And, I really really really wish we could afford for me to go part time. Actually, no time. I like my job, but it's really damn difficult to want to go to work. And I'm having a tough time having fun with it right now. *sigh*

    I could live off of baby thighs. (Did that sound really weird or what?)


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