A Day In the Life, Gripes

Ahhh… Spring.

Ahhh… Spring…

When the flowers bloom, the trees bud, and the rain washes the winter blues away.
When the birds chirp, the squirrels scurry, and the bunnies frolic on the dew kissed, early morning lawns.

Ahhh… Spring…

When the kids awake from their winter doldrums, excited for the warm, sunny days ahead.
When the excitement of a new season evokes a smile and a giggle from even the most forlorn pre-teen.

Ahhh… Spring…

When the joys and satisfaction of a good, thorough spring cleaning are felt far and wide.
When, prompted by the inspirational renewal of nature, supply bins are restocked and fresh paper is laid out.

Ahhh… Spring…

When heads are brimming with the prospect of new beginnings and fresh ideas.
When expectations couldn’t be any higher, pride couldn’t be felt any stronger, and trust couldn’t run any deeper.

Ahhh… Spring…

When the pollen flies freely, like little bomber planes vying for the first attack on your unsuspecting mucus membranes.
When the rambunctious music of the local wildlife drills into your eardrums like a marching band in the wee hours of the morning.

Ahhh… Spring…

When the kids won’t sit still and are bouncing off of the mother loving walls because OHMYGOD it’s raining again and they can’t go outside for recess. Again.
When the newly awakened hormones of even the loneliest tweens have them chattering and twittering ALL CLASS LONG and OHMYGODWHYWON’TTHEYSTOPTALKING?

Ahhh… Spring…

When tables start traveling across the classroom floor all by themselves and OHMYGOD who tracked red paint across the room? I JUST CLEANED IT.
When pencils and erasers go walking, never to return, and what do you mean the new glue sticks are all dried out, I JUST PUT THEM OUT LAST WEEK.

Ahhh… Spring…

When the lesson plans are tossed out the sunshine filled window, Mother’s Day cards are made, the free draw paper supply becomes unlimited, and OHMYGOD didn’t you just go on a field trip?
When half finished projects are acceptable, “I can’ts” and “I don’t wannas” are oft spoken, and OHMYGOD, I can’t believe I made it through that day and THANKGOD no one got hurt.

Ahhh.. Spring…

When everyone starts counting down to summer vacation.


13 thoughts on “Ahhh… Spring.

  1. I hear ya. Stitchery with 5th graders today! Yikes! I bribed them …Stay on task for 30 and then I'll take you outside to play for 10 and then back in for 15 more minutes of stitching. Worked like a charm.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, my name is #%!?!!*# and I showed a drawing video today so I could pack up my room which will be moved over the summer. I actually parked my students in front of a tv so that I could get something done…….I am seeking absolution with T minus 5 days to go……Any takers?


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