Small Scraps

Small Scraps

It amuses me to imagine that the students who are always asking to clean-up are the ones with the messiest rooms at home. I picture their moms being shocked to find out that they like to wash brushes and trays and wipe down the tables and floors.


An encounter with a 6th grade girl…

Ms. ATHG, have you ever killed anyone?

No. I have not.

Oh, that’s a good choice.



OH in the 6th Grade Hallway…

Student #1: I need art today.

Student #2: I need art today too.

(It should be noted that we’re in the midst of SOL testing right now. For those of you who don’t know, SOL stands for Standards of Learning, NOT the other SOL, although I’m sure that version may apply in certain circumstances.)


Four more weeks of school. ‘Nuff said.



6 thoughts on “Small Scraps

  1. I've also got four weeks. And in NY it's not SOL's but SLO's (student learning objectives) and the teachers who have to write them are SOL (the OTHER SOL!) As for little old retiring me, I'm off the hook. 🙂

    Love the kid comments. Glad to know you haven't killed anyone!


  2. I've just come across your blog and am loving it! I'm not a qualified art teacher (majored in elementary against my better judgement even though I love art) but start my first job as an elementary art teacher tomorrow! I've been giving myself a crash course in teaching art (not crafts!) over the past few days and love the stuff I've found on your blog! Thanks!


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