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Summer Time!

Ahhh… the art work has been taken down, the classrooms are packed up, and the kiddies have all been released. But fear not, lest you believe you will go through kid withdrawal this summer. They’re still out there, and believe you me, they will make their presence known.* Whether it be loitering at the mall, splashing in the community pool, loudly whispering in the movie theater, or noisily playing out front of your townhouse while you desperately try to get your 10 month old to nap after a night of little sleep, they are out there. A friend/coworker recently quoted another friend/coworker as having said, “I hate kids in the summer.”

So what are your summer plans? Anything exciting? Me? I’ve got my usual summer to do list of chores I neglected during the school year. I’ll also be venturing up north, back home to the Adirondacks of New York, for a couple of weeks to visit family. I’ll be enjoying some extra time with my Bug as well, although not as much time as you would expect, as I have chosen to keep her in daycare over the summer. Say what? Yes, it’s true, me, the daycare hater, will be sending my baby there twice a week while my vacationing butt sits around the house drinking iced coffee and watching Netflix. Actually, that’s a lie. I hate iced coffee.

Daily daycare reports! Love it!

Two months ago I was involved in some pretty rough daycare drama, as you may recall, but we switched daycare, and life has been pretty awesome. Our new daycare is great. The Bug has fun there, interacts with the other kids, smiles, laughs, eats well, sleeps well, and cries bloody murder every time I drop her off. The daycare provider insists it’s just a show for Mommy, that the Bug has a good time there, and you know what? I believe her, because life at home with my Bug-a-bug has become less… intense. She’s a happier baby, and I’m a happier Mommy. Phew.

We decided to continue with this daycare in the fall, but in order to do so, we have to continue paying over the summer, whether the Bug attends or not. Seeing the wonderful progress Bug has made at daycare (she does not like strangers or being away from her favorite people, Mommy and Daddy), I made the decision to keep her in for a couple days out of the week so she can stay in the routine of it and not regress. It was a hard decision to make (but not too hard since we are so thrilled with new daycare), but it seemed like the least selfish choice, if that makes sense. In fact, when I dropped her off yesterday, she fussed for about twenty seconds, and then stopped while I was still there. This is huge, folks. Progress. Now I just have to figure out what to do with myself for two lonely days out of the week.

But back to SUMMER!! Any great adventures planned? Anyone taking any classes I can be jealous of (I tried signing up for some to occupy my time, but they all seem to be occurring when I’ll be in New York)? Is anyone *gasp* teaching over the summer? Really, how do you plan to fill your time?

*Look at that. I properly used all three variations in one sentence. My sister will be so proud. Not that I frequently misuse them (I had me some good teachers), but it’s so rare nowadays to see this happening. A pet peeve for many of us, I’m sure. Not that art teachers can be bothered with silly things like grammar.


6 thoughts on “Summer Time!

  1. hey there! Glad the daycare thing is going better. That makes all the difference. Daria is going to daycare on Wednesdays to kind of keep her in the routine and also to give me a little free time. I'm only teaching three 2-hour art workshops (on Wednesdays) and the rest of the time I'm just hanging out and relaxing!


  2. I don't blame you for keeping her in the daycare. Although it stinks to pay all summer long, it will be a good balance for you both. Finding the right provider is so key. I am sending mine for a few days next week when I am going to some arts leadership training. Change of pace. It's all good.
    Hey- I also don't care to TEACH kids in the summer Here's why: http://www.theartofed.com/2011/06/18/why-i-dont-teach-kids-in-the-summer/
    (Bless the people who can do summer camps)
    Mommy Tip: I just got Nora a pair of baby shoes from See Kai Run (on Amazon) and OMG they are the cutest little shoes ever.


  3. So glad to hear your babysitter nightmare resolved itself with a more appropriate provider. Yeah!!! As for you – on your 'bug-free' days, paint, swim, do lunch and/or movies with friends, go kayaking, clean the house, climb one of the Adirondack High Peaks, watch trashy TV, buy back-to-school clothing, etc – all things not so easy to do with a wee one. Instead when you ARE with baby, be totally present at every minute.


  4. One more thing – lest you feel guilty about putting your child in daycare when you are on vacation – my 23 year old is very well adjusted and has been successful – good friends, college graduate, paying his own bills, has a job, etc. I think much of his independence was fostered early on by my insistence he not always be with me (and my need to have personal time). He made friends, got used to being in new and different situations, and gained confidence. Good daycare is a good thing, as long as when the kids come home you are not spending your time playing with electronics (like some adults I know and see) and ignoring your kids.


  5. Hey Glitter Gal,

    I don't have “real” children, but my furbabies are precious to me. I think it is genius to send the Bug to daycare during summer because you need some decompreesion time after a L-O-N-G schoolyear! I mean, how could you pass up a chance to go to a movie or lunch with a friend in the middle of the day on a TUESDAY!!!!!! I LOVE doing decadent things like that during the summer. Kinda like Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin, “I want to go out to lunch. I want to wear my sandals!” Be decadent. It's fun!



  6. Haha. I had a karate student ask, “What are you doing over summer?” I chuckled and replied, “You know, I really love summer. But when you get to a certain age, even if you love summer, you mostly do the same things you do during the rest of the year.” I guess I should've hedged that with, 'if you're not a teacher.'

    As to your daycare situation, congratulations! I still have fond memories of my awesome daycare days. And I think every parent, much as they undoubtedly love their children, totally deserves a day or two here and there to have off, relax, and pursue non-parenty things.

    Hope your summer is awesome!


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