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It’s Summer Time… See You In the Fall!

I thought about continuing to blog through the summer; I thought about all the funny, sometimes off-topic, things I could write about, but ultimately, it’s summer vacation. Let’s live it up, step away from the laptops, and do something adventurous. Or relaxing. Whatever you prefer. 
Hope you all are having a great summer, and if not, I hope it gets better. Here are a few things I’m dealing with/experiencing, or will be dealing with/experiencing…
  • coping with cabin fever, which is something you expect to deal with over the winter, but when you’re a super white, blonde person with an even whiter, blonder baby AND you live in a part of the country experiencing insane heat and sun, you kind of have to stay inside a lot.
  • our first beach trip with the Bug, which occurred on an overcast day, required LOTS of sunblock, sun hats, and a canopy, and overall was a success. We hope to take a few more trips to the beach this summer.
  • dealing with pin worm, not that any of us have it… yet, but it’s been reported at daycare. I am on worm alert and spending way too much time examining my baby’s butt and her diapers.
  • technically being unemployed. Yeah, I have yet to be rehired for next year (something new that part-timers must put up with in our county).
  • taking our first road trip with the Bug back to the Adirondacks of New York. It’ll be a 10-12 hour drive, but we’re off to visit family so I guess it’s going to be worth it.
  • doing some work on the bloggy blog, hopefully. I hope to get to it. I’m craving some change.
  • celebrating the Bug’s first birthday. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year already. Where does the time go.
  • cleaning and organizing and baby-proofing the house. The Bug is mobile. ‘Nuff said.
  • reading a few books. I’m trying to branch out from my usual authors (Stephen King, Christopher Moore, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill…). Any suggestions? (and if you say “50 Shades of Grey” or anything relating to the Twilight series and The Hunger Games, I might have to block you from this blog)
  • catching up on Netflix. Although I’m kind of disappointed by their lack of options right now.
  • lunching with friends. If I can ever pin them down!
  • occupying myself while the Bug is at daycare. There’s only so much cleaning a person can do before losing their mind.
At any rate, that’s my summer. Before I go though, I want to get your opinion on something. I started a post about this, but never finished it, and then my ideas fizzled out, but this business was recently brought to my attention. I have a very strong opinion about it, but I want to hear yours. Check it out, Canvas and Cocktails.
Enjoy your summer! See you in the Fall!

7 thoughts on “It’s Summer Time… See You In the Fall!

  1. I'm torn about this idea….I myself enjoy a cocktail with friends, but I probably wouldn't go as I get very self conscious about doing my work in front of others. I do believe creating a painting is very personal, and this venture turns the creative space into more of a bar with acrylics on the side.


  2. A bunch of people have recommended The Art of Fielding to me. I'm only about a chapter into it, but enjoying it so far. I also really enjoyed Coral Glynn.

    Enjoy your summer!


  3. The places I've seen like this are certainly not allowing you to “unleash your creativity.” You leave with a painting that looks very similar to the group. I think this appeals to people who wouldn't know how to paint or what to paint otherwise. Just because I see the appeal doesn't mean that I like it. I have been to “craft days” that were like this. I just ignored instructions and did my own thing. (We were painting Christmas ornaments. Didn't get why we needed the step by step.)


  4. I live near Denver and this place is a hit. I think you could make it your own if you were to go into it. Another friend teaches a painting class on a whole Saturday/ Sunday week-end workshop and that fills as well. There is another place ( that is really great as well- run by 2 certified art teachers.


  5. In these tough times, if someone can make a business like this a going concern, I say good for them. Would I personally patronize a place where people drink and draw? Probably not.


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