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Taking the Bait

Tonight I did something I don’t normally do. I reacted to an ignorant comment on Facebook. I really couldn’t help it though, and if you had been there, I’m not sure you could have resisted either. Here’s what went down…

A Facebook friend posted a picture of her son’s upcoming schedule at school. She was upset that there were going to be two days when students would be released early at 10:30am, one day for Parent Teacher Conferences and one day for an Emergency Go Home Drill. I get the frustration and I understand the reactions to this. It’s a lot to ask working parents to come up with child care on days like this. I get it. What I don’t get, however, was this comment that my Facebook friend’s mom posted, and I quote…
AND the MOST RIDICULOUS of all……The teachers {as far as I know} are STILL getting PAID for a FULL day of teaching….and the children are NOT there….. to be taught!
I barely even thought about it, and I responded. Definitely not my finest moment, but I felt an obligation to speak up for teachers. What would you have done?
(It should be noted that the friend later apologized for her mom’s comment and explained that they love their teachers and don’t think teachers get enough credit.)

13 thoughts on “Taking the Bait

  1. My SIL said something stupid about teachers this week. In order to avoid a family fight I bit my tongue and called my best friend and said all the horrible things I was thinking.


  2. I would've reacted too. I mean, if the lady just thought about it for a minute she'd realize that teachers are STILL WORKING during parent teacher conferences (duh!), and one day of an emergency go home drill is kinda sorta important. We all know she could bet her bottom dollar that the teachers stayed at school to GET WORK DONE while the kids went home.


  3. Ok, so it's typically best to not say anything and let people stew in their ignorance. Plus, really she just wanted to complain about her life and get empathy. But, whatever, educate the masses if you are ready for the rebuttal, right?
    If it makes you feel any better, my cousin, at MY home, after I lost my teaching job bitched openly about how she is NOT going to vote yes for the schools. I believe I kindly reminded her that people don't have jobs when people vote no. It was extremely awkward for me, but I realized my hick cousin couldn't even understand that bringing up education politics with her teacher cousin was in bad taste to begin with. I didn't get into it with her, but I also don't spend time with her either.
    Something tells me she will never figure out why and that is just fine. I didn't think for a minute I could change her mind. Even hinting that she had offended me has been very lost on her.


  4. I too am surprised at the number of “friends” and relatives who post really ignorant things on Facebook about teachers/schools/education/unions and I always wonder if they even considered their audience (ahem, I'M a teacher!)… and then the comments other people post make me realize how grossly outnumbered I am. Makes me want to quit. I dont understand why these kinds of behaviors are tolerated and even acceptable in society today. I would never say these things about another person's profession – why is it ok to pick on me?!


  5. I probably would have responded too. Actually I nearly threw something at Romney on TV yesterday when he said something about supporting teachers but anti -teacher union. I yelled out at the TV: ” but the teacher unions ARE the teachers!!!!” (Spoken by a 10-year union president , me). My smart husband knew better than to get involved between me and Governor Romney.


  6. I'm with you! I have to listen to my dad tell how teachers are overpaid. Also, that we get paid in the summer when we don't work. Then I have to explain that the only reason that happens is if you opt for it. and you've already did the work for the money you're receiving. So, I say school those individuals!!


  7. Sic 'em girl! I would have! People like that need us to educate them:-) More than once I've had people ask me if I get paid as much as a real teacher since I'm an ART teacher? Really? Or if I had to go to school to do what I do? Really again??!! Sometimes I walk away, sometimes I let it fly!! The person you straightened out, is some of the same ones who think we get paid and don't work summers…they will probably never change but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. You did good! Best, Vicki


  8. @ vivki, I agree…I once had another teacher (classroom teacher) say to me “it's not fair that you get the same amount of money as us. You sit around and do nothing and color all day.” I was very offended and told her very professionally if she had a problem we can speak about it with the principal in her office. When it comes to teachers, non-teachers just don't understand. Its a lot of work on our part and we are with their children more hours of the day than they are. So, you can tell 'em how it is, but with facts and professionally.


  9. Kendra L. says:

    I would have said something as well.

    Just last week I was talking with a 2nd grade teacher and she asked about a particular boy's behavior in my room, and I told her he was fine in here. She said, “really? Well, that's probably because he doesn't have to think in here.”

    I was speechless…


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