A Day In the Life

"Do you even know kids?"

It’s 6:30 am and I’ve just finished getting dressed…

“Crap, I wore this outfit last Tuesday.”
Mr. ATHG, “What, is there a clothing police at school?”
“Well, I have the same group of students on Tuesdays…” I began to explain.
Mr. ATHG interjects, “I’m sure they’re not even going to notice.”
I continue, “…and I made a point of discussing my outfit when we were talking about mood and color.”
After processing Mr. ATHG’s interjection I wonder, “Do you not even know kids?”

One of my Thursday classes once told me that I always wear sweaters. They were right. Thursday is my Friday, and by that point in the week my outfit usually consists of a tank and a cardi. Easy peasy. I make an effort to change it up on Thursdays now. It used to be I worked at three different school during the week, and theoretically I could get away with only wearing two different outfits all week. I mean, I could go an entire month and only have six-eight outfits in rotation. Now that I’m at one school, I have a harder time mixing it up.

In Mr. ATHG’s defense, he didn’t go to public school until high school, so he doesn’t remember that yeah, kids do notice these things. I can still clearly recall some of my favorite outfits that our 5th grade aide wore. I also remember keeping track of the different outfits teachers wore. I swear, my 8th grade English teacher never wore the same outfit twice. It amazes me to this day.


6 thoughts on “"Do you even know kids?"

  1. Ha! Oh, Mr. ATHG. C'mon. My husband is a teacher so he actually understands. Unfortunately, that means he has a thousand dress shirts, 17 of which are variations of blue. Anyway, a few years ago, I had gotten a new dress around Christmas–red and green and black, which I wore that December. I didn't wear it again until late March. A fifth grade boy made sure to raise his hand during class to say, “you wore that already.” I considered replying, “yes, three months ago, I did. You wore that same T-shirt last week.” But I restrained myself.


  2. My hubby wouldn't 'get it' either, but I certainly do, after 36 years teaching. When it came to clothing for the art room, I chose quantity over quality (after all, it's pretty easy to ruin an expensive sweater or pair of pants in the art room, so I'd rather ruin something I didn't spend much on).

    By the way, talking about art room teacher fashion, have you seen Cassie's blog? Here's the address: http://cassiestephens.blogspot.com/
    She posts pics of herself in her daily outfits, often handmade or altered or thrifted wonders, that have personalities to match the theme of the moment, kind of like Mrs. Frizzle in the Magic Schoolbus series. If you haven't seen her blog, it's awesome; check it out!


  3. I used to keep a calendar by my closet. I wrote shorthand notes on it about what I wore every day. Kids notice if you wear the same thing twice in a row….which to me is not two days in row…..but once a week.


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