11 thoughts on “Misheard in the Art Room

  1. i live in saudi, there's obviously a unique brand of islam here. i am constantly telling the little ones not to tell each other that they're going to “the fire” (hell) for various infractions. me yesterday: “Abdurahman, how many times do I have to tell you to stop telling Mohammed that he's going to the fire!” it's completely insane.


  2. This is so funny. Today Kindergarteners were drawing their family as snowpeople.

    I asked a kindergarten boy, tell me about your snow family. Kid: “This is my dad.” Me: “okay tell me about your dad.” Kid: “He likes to play video games.” Me: “That's nice he plays with you.” Kid: “No he won't let me play, and this is my mom she is cooking, cleaning and that's our laundry!”

    Hahaha! I need to call this mom and give her an award or at least a nice phone call about how wonderful her son is! It's the least I can do.


  3. 1) One 1st grader to another,”Stop yelling!” “I'm not yelling, I'm projecting.”

    2) “The lady that does my mom's nails breath smells like seaweed.”


  4. Shared by another AT friend of mine:
    Today I learned from a student of mine that elves do not live in the North Pole. When I asked him where they live, he replied “In the attic!” All this because his elf on the shelf snuck into his lunch box today!


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