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Overheard in the Art Room


“My closet is going to be the size of a poor person’s bedroom.” –5th Grade Student

(Jaw, meet the floor. Floor, my jaw.)


9 thoughts on “Overheard in the Art Room

  1. Most of my kids are poor, and they don't have a closet. 😦 Kids kill me. Today, a first grader was telling her friend, “If you come to my house, don't get near my cat, it is overheating!” (I am assuming she meant “in heat.”) We just happened to be doing cats in the style of Laurel Burch. I'd bet she would have gotten a kick out of that!


  2. Shayne says:

    Kids can get so relaxed in my art class that they sometimes forget I'm there… and listening. It's amazing what they say.


  3. Ick!… Last year I had my 4th & 5th graders do a collage in the style of Romare Bearden — the rules were they had to show a story or scene, or express an idea — something that is “important to you.” Most kids did their collages on things like recycling, parks, playing the piano, women's rights, civil rights, animals and nature… But one 5th grader made his collage about his “future mansion” complete with tennis courts, jacuzzi, 102″ flatscreen TV, etc… Again, I could only say (privately to myself, of course) — ick!!!
    (some of the collages are up at, by the way…)


  4. I've overheard some very funny conversations in my classroom. One of my favorites had to do with a very innocent conversation about where babies come from that a couple of first graders were having. One of the boys exclaimed “I know I was hatched! I found eggshell in my belly button!”


  5. Anonymous says:

    In addition to creating art with 560 elementary artists my schedule permits me to supervise the computer lab during the week. THis is what I hear over the noise…”strip clubs and dollar bills! I won!”
    Of course he had on his earphones and didn't realize how loud he was.
    It' was all I could do not to ask where he heard that phrase 🙂


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  7. Lisa says:

    We were painting tints and shades one day in 3rd grade and a student called out, “I happen to know that there are FIFTY shades of gray.” ……Look around……no reaction?……..LET IT GO.

    First grade was making clay pendants in the shape of circles and hearts….one asks, “Can you make mine a cross?” “Well, of course.”
    When the kid across the table saw this he announced, “HEY Everybody! Brian is making a PLUS SIGN necklace!” Brian counters, “It’s not for plussing. It’s for God.”


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