A Day In the Life

Give Me 5!

A quick look at the clock shows that you have five minutes until the next class arrives. Five minutes. No worries. You’ve got this. You pop out of your classroom and quickly head to the other end of the school to use the faculty bathroom. Next you skip downstairs, check your mailbox, zip into the storage closet and grab a piece of 22×28″ railroad board. Now it’s back upstairs to your cohorts art room so you can use the paper cutter. Along the way you remind a 6th grade student to grab his clay sculpture from your room later. After slicing and dicing your way through that railroad board, it’s back to your classroom. Another glance at the clock tells you that you still have a couple of minutes before the 1st graders arrive, so you quickly check your email, finish setting up some supplies, and do a quick pick-up of trash. In two lightening fast moves, you pull out your ponytail holder and redo your top knot. Bam! Your five minutes are up. You are all set and ready to begin 1st grade art. 
Of course, they’re five minutes late, and as you see them be-bopping down the hallway, you can’t help but think of all the things you could have accomplished in those five minutes.
What can you get done in five minutes?

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