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Dear Followers,

Dear Followers,
       I’d like to take this moment to address a few… housekeeping items, if you don’t mind. First off, welcome to my new followers. I am continuously amazed that I have 8 followers, let alone 800 (hi, Facebook friends!). I really enjoy providing my comrades in arms some humor and a place to feel like someone else gets it. I wish I could post new content more frequently, but, *sigh*, being funny is hard work at times. Especially during years like this one when there are so many changes happening all at once. But enough about that.
      Second, a note about Google Reader. You probably already know this, but Google Reader will no longer exist come July 2013. If you use Google Reader to follow this blog, well, sucks to be you. Not really, because you can now switch over to Bloglovin’ and follow ATHG there. There’s a handy dandy little button over there… on the… right… wait a minute…. wait for it… and… there it is. Right over there below my Twitter follow button. What? You didn’t know ATHG was on Twitter? I am. Feel free to follow ATHG, but don’t get too excited, I don’t tweet often.
      Speaking of not getting too excited, if you happen to follow ATHG on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I don’t “pin” very often (or ever). There’s a reason for that. I can’t remember my login info. I know, I know, I can reset it and stuff, but with an 18 month at home, who has time? I hope to someday beef up those boards, but in the meantime, don’t hold your breath.
        In related news, I currently don’t have access to my email, so if you’ve emailed me in the past, oh, two months. I, uh, didn’t get it. Again, I know I can resolve this issue with about 15-20 minutes of work, but, *sigh*, ugh. If you want to get in touch with ATHG, message me on Facebook.
        Hmmm… that is all. I guess I must be doing something right, because you’re all still with me, and more and more of you are joining every week. Thank you for that. Here’s hoping I start stepping things up soon, amiright
Ms. Art Teachers Hate Glitter

3 thoughts on “Dear Followers,

  1. Dear Ms. ATHG — about that wishing you could post more frequently thing… I have my own little (dance teaching) blog, and let me tell you how comforting it is to know that I'm not the only one out there who doesn't feel compelled to post something on a daily basis! I love it when your posts show up in my inbox, and infrequently is fine, that way they come as a pleasant surprise. I love your work (and it applies so well to other art forms, too).


  2. I just joined, love this! I liked in fb, but only tonight did I finally look to see what this is all about. Awesome, excited about my new discovery….too tired to write ant more, I'm sure you know what I mean. 🙂


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