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Human Biology 101: 1st Grader Edition

A couple of weeks ago I took my first graders outside for art. We were engaged in a drawing scavenger hunt. The students were tasked with drawing any natural things that they could find. The following conversation took place between me, an intellectually advanced first grader, and a, um, not-so intellectually advanced first grader (but an oh-so, gosh-darn cute one):

FG1: “Are humans natural?”
Me: “Well, we’re not man-made, are we?”
FG1 (an intense look of deep thought overtakes his face): Um…..
Me (cutting him off before he could counter that, yes, in fact, one could argue that humans are technically man-made): “Okay, well, it doesn’t require any tools or machines to make us, right?”
FG1: “No.”
Me: “Well, then humans are natural!”
FG2:  “But, tools are used.”
Me: “They are?”
FG2: “Yeah. You need a knife to cut the girl’s stomach open to get the baby out.”

And with that I chose to exit the conversation and walk away. I didn’t really see it as my place to get into the birth of babies with a couple of first graders.

2 thoughts on “Human Biology 101: 1st Grader Edition

  1. HAHAA! Kids. My friend just subbed a first grade class. Had 2 kids ask if she was a vampire. 1 ask if she was pregnant. 6 told her she was pretty. and 4 gave her awkward hugs.
    You just can't win!


  2. Seriously, consider yourself fortunate that you had limited collateral damage. They could have engaged you in a conversation about whether Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real. (It gets dicey when one is certain they exist and the other feels the need to initiate reality education.)


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