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Pinterest Funnies

It shouldn’t come to any surprise that my Pinterest feed contains art lessons. Many enjoyable art lessons, which are accompanied by beautiful photographs of student artwork. But imagine my surprise when my feed this evening presented the images and lessons below.

How To Draw Bubble Letters by Graffiti Diplomacy
(Pinterest couldn’t provide me with a source to this, but it was too good not to share)
It’s not just me, right? You guys see it too, right? RIGHT?

7 thoughts on “Pinterest Funnies

  1. It reminds me of last september, I asked grade 1 students (12 years old) to draw their shoe. There was this one that really looks like a penis. I asked my collegue art teacher if it wasn't just me… He couldn't be THAT awful in drawing… ''He's laughing at you, it IS a penis.'' she said. But I wasn't sure… I didn't know him well yet but something was telling me it wasn't his kind of joke. I met the student face to face with the drawing and played it fair:
    – So, tell me what it is.
    – It's my shoe, Miss.
    – Come oooon.
    – I'm sorry miss, I'm very lame in drawing. I have no talent at all.
    – You don't see ANYTHING but a shoe there?
    – Euh…no… I can do it again if it's not good enough.

    He was serious. I know it, because for the rest of the year he didn't tell a single joke.


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