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Overheard in the Art Room II

My second graders were working on cutting out a shape man so they could practice positioning the human body for a cut paper collage. I was walking around… singing a song… no, not really, but I was walking around, helping the students and eavesdropping on their conversations, which is always a great idea…
Male Student: “Girls have babies.”
Female Student 1: “But they get special medicine.”
Male Student: “They still suffer.”
Female Student 2: “Some of them suffer.”
And later, at a different table…
Male Student: “Mine doesn’t even look like a hip. It looks like a nip.”
Female Student: “What’s a nip?”
Male Student: “I don’t know, but I’m calling it a nip.”
I die.

5 thoughts on “Overheard in the Art Room II

  1. I love the funny things kids say. I still have a box full of the funny things my kids said when they were little. I used to scribble them on napkins and whatever was handy, hence the box. I'm now collecting my grandkids funny things


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