Dear Students





Can you not hear me saying hello to you? Can you not see me waving to you?

Don’t you know who I am!?!

I was your art teacher last year in third grade…

and the year before, in second grade…

and the year before that, in first grade…

So what’s the deal? You’re in fourth grade now, you have a different art teacher, and all of a sudden you can’t say hello to me in the hallways anymore? What, do you have amnesia? Are you too cool to say hi?

Did the last three years not mean anything to you!?!

I get it. That’s cool. Whatever. No big deal. I’ll see you in my room again in a couple of years, and then we’ll see who’s waving at whom, Jack. Then we’ll see.

What’s that? … No, that doesn’t sound right. Are you sure? … Well, I guess you would know. Fine, we’ll see who’s waving at whom, John.


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