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Lately- Things Teachers Say

“Being an art teacher looks like so much fun. I should have been an art teacher.”

Okay, I know we all signed a blood-pact to automatically and immediately express disdain towards people who say things like this to us, but I couldn’t, guys, I just couldn’t. You see, the woman who said this to me was one of our Autism teachers. I think we can all agree that Autism teachers are some of the hardest working teachers in the building, and I highly doubt they would describe much of their job as “fun”. I have the utmost respect for special education teachers. Their job is hard and very, very time consuming. So yeah, I let this one slide. And I let it slide the next time she made a similar comment.

On the other hand, a 3rd grade teacher had this to say to me today…

“I don’t know how you do it. I could never teach art… all those steps and materials. I couldn’t do it.”

Thank you! It’s not easy. Yes, it can be “fun”, but it’s not easy.

In related, I-can’t-believe-they-said-that news, our assistant principal expressed today that communication with the “specialists” needs to improve because we teach all the grades and it’s not fair for us to be left out of the loop. Or something to that affect.

What’s going on, guys? Is there a blue moon that I’m not aware of?


7 thoughts on “Lately- Things Teachers Say

  1. If I could only send you my face’s response to the first quote…=) I get this all the time! Pretty sure there is a college 1 mile up the street where you can get a degree if you want. I feel their pain this year though, the common core implementation sucks and it is wearing down even our veteran teachers. However, your AP seems to be on to something…perhaps the could share that message!


  2. I am retiring this year. One of the third grade teachers at my school, a non-artist, is applying for my job. And the thing is, my principal could easily go in that direction.


      • Luigi says:

        In Ohio elementary art can be taught by an elementary certified/lisenced teacher. That is the situation in our districts 5th & 6th grade building, the only art teacher they have for two years! She “teaches” the vanishing point as the “focal point,” says abstract art is “random” among others things, nearly every project is outlined like a coloring book. 😞


      • Noooo! One of my biggest pet peeves is that there are many, many people out there who believe that nonobjective art is abstract art. Random? There’s nothing random about abstract art. That must be so infuriating.


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