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Compadres. I don’t want to alarm you, but I have become privy to some mind blowing information that might just change your entire life.

I was talking to an engineer this weekend (yeah, I know, *yawn*) when it was brought to my attention that the year does not end in June. The calendar year as we know it, and have always known it, is a fraud. I am told, although I am still hesitant to believe it, the real calendar year ends in December. What!?

“But how can this be true when the year begins in September? We all know that a year is 10 months long, not four,” I haughtily argued.

Turns out, folks, the beginning of the year is not, in fact, September, but January. JANUARY! I mean, c’mon! What kind of conspiracy is this? Next they’re going to try and convince us that Summer isn’t even a real thing and that July and August are months just like any other month. Heresy, I say! Heresy!

school yearAs evidence, I submit to you, a poorly designed jpeg.

(Seriously though, this may explain why I don’t get all that worked up over New Year’s Eve and Day. Celebrate the transition from December to January? But… why? Celebrate the end of June? Hell yeah! Let’s party like it’s 1999!)



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