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Said No Student Ever.

IMG_2199Ms. ATHG? I know you’re very busy, and I realize that I’m not the only student in this class, and I’m aware that we’re not your only class, but if you should get a free moment, I was hoping you could take my weaving off of my loom for me. Take your time, please. I know that you’re not here every day, and I realize that you have a lot to do, so whenever you’re able to get it back to me, I’m okay with that. No hurry. Thank you so much for all that you do and for all of the extra time you spend working on art stuff for us.

Said no student ever.



2 thoughts on “Said No Student Ever.

  1. Haha! More like:
    Me: today I’m going to teach you how to weave. This is a loom, it’s the tool you use to weave on. What you do is–
    Student: how do you get the weaving off of it? Can you show me now?
    Me: howsabout I teach you how to weave FIRST and then one day, in the future, I’ll show you how, m’kay?


  2. C says:

    I had the quietest sweetest gentle giant in my 4th grade last year. He was stuck in a rude and undisciplined class, and he would always raise his hand and wait for me. Naturally I rarely noticed it in between running around to others and trying to quelch the petty arguments that would invariably light up the room, and sometimes he had to resort to saying my name softly. 🙂 One day he told me he had been waiting for ten minutes. In my shame I apologized and told him I wished everyone could learn to wait their turn like he does. He said” It’s OK Mr. Shaddock (notice he always uses people’s names when addressing them), I know you are very busy and my class can be kind of …crazy. Don’t worry about it.” I thought how very much I would appreciate a mature voice in the room, besides mine (on a good day) before I start acting like a kid all the time. I hope someday schools realize there should perhaps be more than one adult in a room of 25 elementary children… but then again, I also realize that our system doesn’t really allow for a democratic, equitable, experiential, holistic education that I would like to facilitate, does it now?


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