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Happy New Year: A 2014 Summary

I just returned from a lovely visit with family. 12 days, 1,500 miles, 7 beds, 4 houses, 3 Christmases and blah blah blah. We spent some time in the mountains with no internet and no cell coverage, and it was wonderful. We decorated the tree, sat around the wood stove, and baked cookies. We watched Christmas movies, crafted and played outside in the snow. We wrapped presents, drank hot cocoa, played games, and then we unwrapped presents. We ate great food, too much food, played some more games, and went four-wheeling through the woods. Good times were had.

Now I’m back home, and we uneventfully rang in the new year with delivery pizza and the messiest house this side of the Mason-Dixon line. In true post-Christmas fashion, I rearranged and reorganized parts of the house in order to make room for the gifts our family bestowed upon us. And I missed watching the ball drop by four minutes. The tree is still up, the laundry is unwashed, and our bags are still packed, but there are a few more days left to this vacation, and I’m soaking up every last minute of it.

 2014 was a good year for Art Teachers Hate Glitter. I launched my new website (you updated your blog roll, right?), was nominated for and was a finalist for The Art of Education’s Blog of the Year, and I wrote a few posts as well. In true end of the year (calendar, not school) style, I present to you a summary of ATHG’s greatest hits of 2014, albeit a few days late.

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Top 5 Most Commented On Posts of 2014

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Even Art Teachers Feel Uncool. (We’re Not, but We Fell It Sometimes)

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Top 7 Most Popular and/or Controversial ATHG Facebook Posts of 2014

ATHG Facebook 1ATHG Facebook 5ATHG Facebook 4ATHG Facebook 7 ATHG Facebook 3 ATHG Facebook 6 ATHG Facebook 82014 has been a swell year. Here’s to another 365 days of ruffling feathers.


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