A Day In the Life

It’s an art room. Get over it.

“It smells weird in here. It smells like paint in here. Why does it smell in here? There’s paint on the floor. There’s paint on the table. There’s paint on my paper. There’s paint on my chair. My shirt has paint on it. My hands have paint on them. My hands are dirty. There’s clay on my hands. There’s clay on the table. There’s clay on the floor. There’s clay in my fingernails. There’s glue on my fingers. There’s glue on the table. My table’s wet. There’s water on my paper. There’s water on the floor. I found a crayon on the floor. I found a marker in the colored pencil bin. The pencil sharpener is noisy. It’s too loud in here. It’s cold in here. It’s hot in here.”

Every. Single. Day.

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21 thoughts on “It’s an art room. Get over it.

  1. yvonne decordova says:

    I’m in a fairly new charter. Took six months to convenience Adm. I needed the room with the sink, not a cart. Mind you there was a room with a sink. It was the almost never used teacher’s lounge. I don’t think watching a 50 year old woman try to push buckets of water around on the cart was the reason they finally gave me the room. I think it was the classroom teachers complaing about my smelly supplies coming into their room that did it. So here’s to smelly, messy supplies that no one else wants in their room.


  2. PREACH! I usually just say “it’s okay to have art hands, you are an artist!” It’s especially ridiculous with the older kids who have been in my classroom for years and know how we get down and dirty with some clay and paint.


  3. Kathy Edger says:

    Every single day! Plus the smell of melted crayon on the radiator! That’s mostly from the room’s previous (science) teacher but once in a while a catch a sneaky little melter over there and I freak out.


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