A Day In the Life

Dem First Graders. Geesh.

“Okay, so today we’re…”

“Did you straighten your hair?”

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah, I think she did.”

“It looks straighter.”


“No, it looks wavy. Did you make it wavier?”

“It is wavy. She didn’t straighten it.”

“Guys, I…”

“No, she straightened it.”

“Uh, I…”

“It’s definitely different. In a good way.”

“Did you do something to your hair?”

“Yeah, it looks different.”

“Uh… no… well… I parted it differently…”

Damn first graders, they notice everything. Although, I kid you not, I had the exact same conversation with a class of third graders the following week. I didn’t straighten my hair, or make it wavier, I really only parted it about an inch further to the left. Guess that made all the difference.


7 thoughts on “Dem First Graders. Geesh.

  1. HA! They notice an 1″ difference in your hairpart, but I bet you have to repeat the directions six times so they know where to put their art at the end of class! OY!


  2. Jessica Holloway says:

    Every. Single. Time.They notice everything but what we’re talking about. I tend to receive a raised hand with “Is your question about what we’re doing today?” Often, there is then a “No…but…”. I’ll check in with you later, kid, and tell you about my fuzzy dice, my giant scissors, or whatever fascinating project you have noticed from another grade.


    • In my room, they would answer that question with a yes, it is related to what we’re doing today, and then proceed to ask their unrelated question or tell me about the funny thing their cat did this weekend.


  3. yvonne decordova says:

    I really don’t let this happen. I have a very disciplined art room. I know it sounds anti-intuItive. I do, “Raise your hand if you have a question.” I don’t respond if they call out. If they continue calling out I might say, “Remember if you have something to say raise your hand.” If it’s not related to class I just tell them it isn’t relavent to class and don’t answer. I also spend alot of time talking about concentration and persistence. So if they are off task I remind them they are not doing their best work. It’s alot of repetition. It works partially because the school has very standard class room management procedures. Even the weakest teacher is using the basic outline from Adm. It also works because I don’t waver.


  4. Love your blog! I find myself having similar conversations all of the time with my Pre-K kiddos. Looking forward to reading more from you, and check out my art ed blog if you get the chance!


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