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Back to School. aka The One with All the Memes.


I know some of you have already returned to school. With students and everything. I’ve seen your nicely organized, pretty classrooms on Instagram. Hooray for you, but today marks the first day of the new school year for me. Sort of. Students don’t start until next week, but for teachers, the fun starts today, and you know what that means…

64ebbd852e073c1f835325250a6f1c79Ohhhh yeah… the pointless meetings. My school likes to start off right away, 8:15AM, Monday morning, with a breakfast meeting. Providing breakfast means it’s going to be fun, and chill, and relaxed, right? Or not.

3586357b2a6b7b33483b368928ba6bb2Oh, hell no. Sitting through 25 minutes of babble about something that most likely doesn’t apply to you anyways. Differentiating instruction! Choice-based learning! Portfolios! Uh-huh. Been there. Done that. Or my personal favorites, data-driven instruction! And let’s improve our AYP! Blah, blah, blah. Can we go now?

Oh wait, that’s right, I forgot, we haven’t done this yet…

3cbddfd13aa0e6c2649a75a285c7ea9cThose team building exercises are the worst, aren’t they? Or maybe you’re the type of person who really gets into them, in which case, kudos to you, I’ve got better things to do.

Overall though, I’m excited for the new school year. I’ve taken on an additional work day at one of my schools, so I’m excited to be working 30 hours within a 4 day work week, as opposed to the 30 hours I was working within a 3 day work week last year. With some more breathing room in my schedule, I’m really hoping to be more organized, more prepared, and more… sane.

In other news, I’ve been moved from the main building to the modular. Despite my first assumptions, the modular is not just a trailer in the back field. I should probably get out of my class room and tour the school grounds more often. The modular is actually similar to a pod, set up a stones throw away from the main building. It has six real classrooms, student bathrooms, supply closets and even a janitors closet. It’s legit, guys. I’m super excited to have a classroom that is normal shaped again. You know, a parallelogram (STEAM, baby!)? There’s a sink too, so, yay!

I have big plans for my new space, so expect some over-gramming! I love beginning of the school year energy, when we’re all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for the BEST. SCHOOL. YEAR. EVER!!!! It won’t be long though, before we’re all like…

44ea4f16760f3642812885396518543cHappy New School Year, comrades. This one’s going to be a good one.

(Teacher Memes Source: Teacher Memes)


4 thoughts on “Back to School. aka The One with All the Memes.

  1. You nailed it! I’m already into my third week of school, but I can totally relate to the joys of teacher in-service, especially those oh, so delightful team building exercises. Enjoy your new classroom…and the little artists when they finally arrive!


  2. Rocky says:

    My schedule hasn’t changed in 15 years, our district in their infinite wisdom thought shortening the school day for students so that teachers could focus on PD, COP, blah blah and lenghtening Tuesday through Friday by an hour would really help our test scores get better……
    They’re going to have to help me out of the nut house…😜


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