Small Scraps

Small Scraps: Things Students Say

With my K-2 classes, I begin the new school year with an introduction/review of how to draw people using basic shapes. I was demonstrating for one of my second grade classes, prompting them to give me body parts to add and the shapes I could use, when we got to the point where all I had left were the arms. “What’s missing?” I asked the class. Hands shot up around the room, but this one eager boy jumped from his seat, and shouted, “shoulder pads!”

One of my schools participated in Chalk 4 Peace this year. While brainstorming with the students about ways in which they are peacemakers and helpers in their families, I repeatedly received answers that begin with, “my nanny used to…” or “when my nanny and I…” These responses amazed me, frustrated me, and saddened me.

First graders, "What is it?"First graders, “What is it?”

I’m working with my 6th graders on an identity piece, and I was discussing video games with a student. We got on the topic of Tetris, and while we were talking, other students overheard us and were asking  what Tetris was. While I’m trying to explain it, this other student shouts out, “Tetris! I know about that! Tetris is bad, it’s like a virus.” Thinking this child is making some clever analogy, I reply, “Yeah, I guess you could say that. It can definitely get inside your head and infect your mind…” Meanwhile, Mr. Clever goes on, “No, it’s like really a disease. You have to get a shot for it.” And then I had to explain the difference between Tetris and Tetanus. [Sigh]

han soloI use this image while I’m explaining human proportion to my 4th graders. I feel  it gives the students more of a connection to the discussion, as is evident by their responses this year…

“Tom Cruise! Look, it’s Tom Cruise!”

“No it’s not, that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

“No, it’s Nicholas Cage.”

“No, I know it’s Tom Cruise.”

“Nicholas Cage!”

“It’s Han Solo!”

Finally, a student with some sense, until…

“He was played by Tom Cruise.”





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