Small Scraps

Small Scraps ::facepalm::

Alternate Title: 6th Graders, the New 1st Graders.

I was watching this 6th gradelansburygiphy student in class the other day. He was struggling to wet his paper towel with a spray bottle. I watched in amazement as he squeezed the trigger over and over, with nothing to show for it. After each attempt, he glanced at the bottle, excuse me, he glanced at the empty bottle, and then tried spraying again, clearly confused as to why it wasn’t working. He finally got frustrated, set the spray bottle down and walked away with his dry paper towel. Guys. He was standing next to the sink. The functioning sink.

giphyA 6th grader asked me, “is it true the world has always been in color? My parents told me the world has always been in color, but I don’t think I believe them. If that’s true, then how come old photographs are only in black and white?” Before I could answer, another student replied, ” I don’t think they had any color ink back then.”

I had just finished explaining glaze and how the kiln works and everything involved in firing claycusackgiphy pieces. My 6th graders began glazing their pieces, when a student comes to me, with glaze on his finger, and asks, “if I put my finger in the kiln with this glaze on it, would it come out shiny and bright blue?”

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10 thoughts on “Small Scraps ::facepalm::

  1. 4th grader spilled his tables water bucket (they were painting)… water was spreading all over the table. He came over to me and asked me “what do I do? I spilled the water.” (We have 3 sinks and 3 paper towel dispensers… they were right behind him.) *facepalm


    • OH MY GOD!!! That question is the worst. WE GO OVER IT EVERY DAY. I have an entire bulletin board dedicated to it. It’s even titled, “Where do I put my work?” And yet, I still get students putting clay pieces ON THE DRYING RACK instead of the clay cart, wet paintings in the finished work basket, and 4th grade work in the 1st grade work drawer. *facepalm*


  2. Not too shocked if a K/1st grader begins to draw or paint on their hands. Understanding through tactile experience – got it. Just a little redirection and good to go. But to find a bored “but-I’m-finished-with-my-art” 5th grader doing the same stuns me silly. *facepalm with mouth opened*


  3. RWS says:

    YES! We have ONE shelf with ALL the supplies they usually need…glue, scissors, crayons, markers, brushes, pencils, erasers, sketchbooks…. and yet every single class I get asked, “Where are the [insert art supply here]?” Every. Single. Class.


  4. Nicole B Robichaud says:

    When talking about political cartoons a student says “You can tell if someone has mental health issues just by looking at them!” * high schoolers face palm*


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