Small scraps and weekend links
Small Scraps

Small Scraps & Weekend Links

Election Year Fatigue

I cannot wait for this election year to be over. Usually it’s all the attack ads that get to me, but those haven’t hit yet. What is really draining me is all the talk among my students, “Did you hear [student]? She said she’s moving to Canada if [candidate] becomes President!” or “We have to leave the county if [candidate] becomes President.” or “I hope [candidate] becomes President.” “No way, [candidate] is going to be President.” I mean, I’m happy to hear students are engaged in the process, but it saddens me to hear that many students feel unwanted, or worse, that many students are “supporting” candidates without fully understanding what it means. I know they’re just parrots of their parents, but to hear first graders, second graders, third graders argue about who would be the best President is bothersome.

Photo-A-Day Challenge Favorites

I said I might do it, and here it is, some of my favorite Photo-A-Day pics from the first week.

Day 1: Creative Storage

Day 2: On the Floor

Day 3: Art Work

Day 4: Pattern

Day 5: Food

Day 6: A Favorite

Day 7: Landscape

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Day 7: Landscape #athglitterphotoaday

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

My 1st graders are working on cake paintings right now. One of my students, who hadn’t even made it halfway through the background of his painting, came to me and said, “Ms. ATHG, this seems like hard work.” I replied, “Yes it is. Hard work is great because it makes us stronger people.” He went on to explain, “But, hard work and I just aren’t good. I don’t like it.” Huh? What? You’re in 1st grade! Painting is supposed to be the fun kind of hard work. You’re in 1st grade!

Sadly, this is a common sentiment among many of my students these days; giving up before they really even begin. What is going on? Does anyone else see this in their classrooms?

Weekend Links

      • I am a whiskey drinker. It’s my go-to. I’m dying to try this sweet drink, although I’m not really into sugary, syrupy beverages, I’m willing to give it a shot (heh-heh).
      • I was gifted a sewing machine for Christmas from my mom, and one of these days I’m really going to teach myself to sew. So far I’ve made a pillow for my daughter’s babies. When I have more time (summer!), I want to make these.
      • Every now and again I go on a health kick, usually about this time of year. I’m thinking of making this sweet treat.
      • These colorful pictures are gorgeous.
      • I want these shoes to be my next pair of Chucks. Where can I find them!?!?!

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3 thoughts on “Small Scraps & Weekend Links

  1. leafed says:

    “But this is hard!” Uttered in an infantile whine or in slack-jawed awe over the fact that art can be challenging, I hear this a LOT in my high school room. I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s quote regarding this, and one day I will make a poster of it (but for now it’s just in my intro slideshow):
    “It’s annoying. Every artist complains, so it’s a dead and boring topic. Second, of course it’s difficult to create things; if it wasn’t difficult, everyone would be doing it, and it wouldn’t be special or interesting.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kate Driscoll says:

    Thanks for the photo a day challenge and thanks for posting my year 4’s gorgeous pears! My kids are also loving the challenge and coming up with ideas for daily photos. So much fun! I’m also loving the connection with other art teachers around the world. 😀


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