Small Scraps

Small Scraps & Weekend Links

What A Week

What a week I had. I blame the time change. I thought, based on a decent Monday, that I hadn’t been hit too hard by it, but Tuesday proved me wrong. It was one of those days. I woke up an hour late, totally screwed up the day of my daughter’s science show, my favorite necklace broke as soon as I arrived at school, I forgot my lunch, we had no less than three paint explosions and a gazillion moments of frustration when I had to answer questions I had already reviewed.

Photo-A-Day Challenge Favorites

Week Two. We’re a little over halfway through. So much fun!

Day 8: Made Me Laugh

Day 9: Face

Day 9: Face…monster face…mask face…face jar…art room angel face. #athglitterphotoaday #athglitter

A post shared by Charmaine (@cboggsart) on

Day 10: Drying Rack

We just finished our painting projects so the drying rack is pretty empty. #athglitterphotoaday #dryingrack #day10

A post shared by Jodi Hutchens (@joditbobo) on

Day 10: drying rack. Busy painting day in the art room. #athglitterphotoaday #arted #elementaryart #artteacher

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Day 11: Beverage

Photo A Day Challenge! Day 11: Beverage. Coffee with a hot cocoa packet, how I start my day! #athglitterphotoaday

A post shared by Heather Robbins (@the_doodle_birds) on

Day 12: Comfy

#athglitterphotoaday Day 12: comfy. My set up at Penny's "hosting" the student artwork.

A post shared by Jackson Heights Art (@jhartclass) on

PJ #comfy #athglitterphotoaday #dogsofinstagram #oneearuponeeardown #day12

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Day 13: Planning

I get board when lesson planning. #athglitterphotoaday

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Day 14: This is Lunch

Day 14: This is lunch. Look appetizing? School French toast sticks! #athglitterphotoaday

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

I was instructing my 1st graders in color mixing, and while I was trying to explaining the next step, one boy excitedly raised his hand. And he did the typical kid hand raise, jumping up and down, waving all around. Finally, he’d had enough of waiting and blurted out, “I’m so excited about this! I’m going to try all of this at home tonight!”

Weekend Links

Hope you have a great weekend! Don’t forget to follow Art Teachers Hate Glitter on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more behind the scenes photos, anecdotes and lesson ideas.


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