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10 Reasons Art Peeps are the Best Peeps

We all know it, art peeps are the best peeps. Outside of art school, many of us rarely come together with other artsy people. Unless you are fortunate enough to work in a large district, most art teachers rarely even see other art teachers. This probably explains why art teachers go so bonkers over art teacher gatherings, whether they be in-service days or conferences. We need our people! Our people make us feel less alone, more sane and comfortable being who we are.

10 Reasons Why Art Peeps Art the Best Peeps

Everyone should have an art peep in their lives. And while any social group would benefit from having an art people member or two, art people benefit from having art peeps around. Not only do we provide much entertainment, but we also bring a lot of other valuable qualities to the table.

10 Reasons Art Peeps are the Best Peeps

10 Reasons Why Art Peeps Are the Best Peeps athglitter.comNo one gets my sense of humor like art people do. I mean, ten year olds aside. Art people get it. Most of them. Other adults, not so much. My humor is dry, sarcastic, kind of dark, and often misunderstood by the general population. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to say, “I’m kidding,” or “that was a joke,” or “I’m not being serious,” I’d be one rich chica. Most of the time, what comes out of my mouth is in jest, but not many understand that.

 10 Reasons Why Art Peeps Are the Best Peeps athglitter.comThis is a no brainer, but we really do have some pretty awesome and creative minds. And we can apply that creativity to any area of life. Our minds are great for problem solving and coming up with alternative solutions. You always want an art person on your team, in any scenario.

Art people have rockin’ style, and we show it in a variety of ways. Whether it be through our wardrobe, our hair color, or our house decor, you can be sure that art peeps are expressing their unique style in one way or another. Walk into the house, or closet, of an art person, and you’ll see. Our style and creativity oozes from us and finds its way into many areas of our lives.

Art peeps are some of the most adaptable peeps I have ever met. We know how to “make it work.” It’s basically our unofficial motto now, thanks to Tim Gunn. Our adaptability works against us often, “art on a cart? Ugh, okay! I’ll make it work!” but, ultimately, our adaptability is what makes us easy to get along with, and real go-with-the-flow kind of people.

Art people offer a unique perspective. We’re capable of thinking in a variety of different ways and approach problems from different angles. We make great reverse engineers. And we’re fabulous negotiators. We will listen to both sides, and present the best solution that pleases everyone. We can look at an end product, and determine the steps used to create it. Believe it or not, our knowledge extends into every subject and career field, to some degree, and because of this, we are geniuses at integrating.

Art peeps are some of the most positive, and yet, some of the most cynical peeps I’ve ever met. We’re optimistic yet simultaneously bitter and pessimistic. Creative folks are known for being a tad insane, and there may be some truth to that. We’re prone to mood swings. We’re multi-faceted, and because of our creativity, adaptability, and unique perspectives, we have an outlook on life that might frustrate and confuse non-art people.

I’ve never met an art peep who hasn’t had a thirst for change, whether it be big or small. Some people seek stability, art people seek variation. Bored often, we create change when need be. Our desire for change means we are often seeking to improve as well. Whether it be the lessons we teach, ourselves or the world around us, we can’t sit still for long or accept complacency.

Some of us are good at organizing, some of us are cramming stuff into every tiny nook and cranny. Art peeps know how to make the most out of any space. We have a variety of creative storage solutions, and we have Tetris level skills at fitting supplies into bins and baskets and cabinets. Need to make the most out of a small space? Go ask an art peep for help.

I know few art peeps who don’t crave adventure in one form or another. Whether it be uprooting oneself and moving to a new city in a new state, or trying a new restaurant, or trying new art projects every year, art peeps like the new and unexplored. We have wandering souls, pursue excitement, and are constantly seeking change in our lives. To varying degrees. Looking to try something new? Ask an art peep to accompany you. You won’t be disappointed.

Art peeps are lonely peeps. After art school, we tend to spread ourselves across the land, pursuing excitement, adventure, jobs, and seeking our freedom. But get a group of art peeps together and we immediately connect, bond, and commiserate. We have been friends forever, and will be best friends for life, even if we’ve only spent a few hours together. And we know how to have a rockin’ good time.

What are your favorite art peeps qualities? 

Be sure to print out my “Art peeps are the best peeps” graphic and display it proudly. Art Peeps are the Best Peeps


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