About ATHGlitter

Art Teachers Hate Glitter debuted in 2010 while I was sifting through hours of art teacher interviews and pages and pages of research notes, trying to make progress on my graduate thesis. Making little headway on the thesis, but succeeding beautifully at procrastinating, I was eager for another source of distraction.

About Art Teachers Hate Glitter

Many art teachers will never see the inside of one of these. Art on a cart: It’s real. #themoreyouknow


The idea of an art teacher “themed” blog was the result of my frustration. I was working part-time as a graduate assistant in the art education department, and I was constantly frustrated with the idealized image of art teaching being fed to the undergrads. The reality of teaching art was missing from their education. Were we really going to throw these bright-eyed, young adults out there without properly preparing them for what it is really like in an art room? Turns out we were, and why not? That is the way it has always been done. This was unacceptable. Enter Art Teachers Hate Glitter.

Art Teachers Hate Glitter serves many purposes:

  • It is a behind the scenes look into the unique world of art teaching.
  • It is a glimpse into the mind of an art teacher.
  • It is a source of a good laugh.

Most importantly,

  • It is a place to visit after a long day at work and realize, “I am not alone.”
About Art Teachers Hate Glitter

1 in 3 elementary art students will grow up never knowing what this is, let alone how to use one. Are you prepared to teach them?


Art Teachers Hate Glitter is a humor blog, sometimes generalized, sometimes dramatized, but entirely based in reality. It is not a place to find lesson plans or view gorgeous student art work. This blog is for art teachers who want to feel less alone in the world of art teaching. It does not matter if you are a first year teacher or a 30-year veteran, if you teach elementary art or high school art, this blog is for you.

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