Desperately Seeking Employment

Today’s Colors

My skirt was black and white.

My cheeks were red and flushed from grief.

My hands still had yellow paint on them from the afternoon’s classes.

My eyes were green with envy of the others present who weren’t affected.

My toenails were purple.

But most importantly, my heart was blue to learn that this would be my last year at the place I called home for the past four years because my position had been cut by 66%, and I can’t afford to stay.

A Day In the Life, Desperately Seeking Employment

A Midweek Gripe

Curses to whoever decided our Spring break had to coincide with Easter. We haven’t had a day off since January. JANUARY! And who decided Easter was going to be so late this year? I still can’t remember how that gets determined. And who told the kids it was okay to come down with Spring fever in mid-March? They’re running around like freakin’ little Energizer Bunnies, meanwhile my batteries are in need of a serious recharge.

4 1/2 more weeks. Four. And a half. More. Weeks. I will survive this.

Desperately Seeking Employment

Teacher Workday!

Ah… two days of teacher workdays. Does it get any better? To finally be able to catch up on that laundry list of things I need to do in my classrooms. Lovely.

The past two months I feel like I’ve been just barely treading water. Just barely keeping ahead. It’s a good feeling knowing I can use these two days to finally get on top of things.

Until next week that is.

Desperately Seeking Employment

The Waiting Game

I had a job interview today, for a .40 Elementary Art position. As the new school year is just around the corner it is quite understandable that schools are scrounging to fill their last few openings. I understand they’re desperate. I understand they’re hoping for the best when it comes to finding qualified candidates so late in the game. I do not, however, understand why a principal conducting an interview would begin by outlining all the negatives about the job. Was she trying to talk me out of it? Was she trying to scare me? With only three candidates being interviewed and only days before a decision needs to be made, shouldn’t she have been doing her best to sell me on the position? And how come no one wants to look at my portfolio? I worked hard on that thing, I’d like someone to peruse through it and admire it, thank you very much. *Sigh* I need cake.