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Explaining An Art-Based Fundraiser to 6th Graders

Explaining an Art Based Fundraiser to 6th Graders athglitter.com

Fundraisers. Ugh. I have a problem with them, guys, I can not lie. I’m not sure I can exactly explain my problem, maybe because I feel like I’m pimping out my students, but I have reservations nonetheless. Maybe if the money went to the art room instead of computers? I don’t know. What are your thoughts? Do you love or hate art based fundraisers? Maybe you have mixed feelings? Tell me about it in the comments.

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A Day In the Life

Anticipation: Déjà vu

Portions of this post previously appeared on Art Teacher Hate Glitter on January 26th, 2011.

You’ve stayed up late, watching TV. Finally, you turn off the lights and settle into bed for the evening. Alas, sleep won’t come. You’re tossing and turning. Your mind is racing and your nerves are firing.

“What if it doesn’t happen?” you think.

“What if it’s not what I expected?” you wonder.

“What if…” but you’ve finally drifted off.

After a brief visit to dreamland, your mind wakens you suddenly. You look at the clock, dreading what it will show you. 3:00 am. What to do? What to do? You roll over, hoping a change in position will bring sleep again. No luck. You drag yourself out of bed and use the bathroom. Back in bed, you try to calm your frantic thoughts. Continue reading

How to Snow Day Like an Art Teacher
A Day In the Life

How To Snow Day Like An Art Teacher

As children, we all looked forward to snow days. We stayed up late, watched the snow, urged it to fall faster and heavier, and wished for a snow day with all our might. We woke up early, turned on the radio (yes, the radio), waited with bated breath to hear our school’s name announced, and we cheered when they finally cycled back to the “B” schools and we heard what we’d been waiting our whole entire life for, a snow day.

How to Snow Day Like and Art Teacher

As a teacher, eh, not much has changed, except now we wait for the phone to ring, or the chiming of our email. Gotta love a snow day, amiright?

How to Snow Day Like an Art Teacher

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A Day In the Life

In-Service Day: The Newbie vs. The Veteran

“Dear Teachers, Don’t forget, our Winter In-service Day will be January 19th. The morning in-service is scheduled from 8-12…”

8:00a.m., The Newbie: Has been at the in-service site for ten minutes already, has carefully selected her seat, not too close, but close enough for a clear-line of sight of the board and within perfect earshot of the presentation. Quietly watching the the Lead teacher, the only other person in attendance so far, setting up the projector.

8:00a.m., The Veteran: Just leaving her house.

8:20a.m., The Newbie: Mingling with other attendees while noshing on fruit, pastries and burnt coffee from the provided breakfast spread. Introducing herself and inquiring as to where everyone works. Expressing excitement about her first year.

8:20a.m., The Veteran: Starbucks run.

8:30a.m., The Newbie: Notices the Lead teacher attempting to settle everyone. Takes her seat, ready for the presentation to begin.

8:30a.m., The Veteran: Has just arrived. Waves to acquaintances she knows, shouts out a few greetings across the room, settles into the empty seat her newbie co-teacher has saved for her. Continue reading