Behind the Name Art Teachers Hate Glitter
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Behind the Name: Art Teachers Hate Glitter

A parody of a parody of a real actual show.

Announcer: There’s an old saying in the art room,* and it goes like this: “Glitter is the herpes of the art room.” Tonight, we’ll explore this phenomenon, as we travel beyond the laughter, into the darkness, and behind the name of… Art Teachers Hate Glitter.

Glitter. Every day thousands of young kids fall victim to its sparkle, its allure, its shimmer. But, do art teachers really hate glitter?

Ms. AHTG: Listen, it’s not like I hate the stuff, you know, but, that shit gets everywhere. Even when you try to contain it, there’s no containing it. I mean, once you take it out of the locked cabinet and put it in the hands of a child, you’re done for. You might as well just accept that you’re going to be picking sparkles off of everything you own, everything your friends own, for the next six months. At least.

Narrator: And Ms. ATHG was right. Continue reading