A Day In the Life

Overheard in the Art Room, and Silly Things Students Said to Me

“I don’t have a nanny.”

I have a nanny.”

(I used to be a nanny. Does that count?)

“This is the best drawing I’ve ever done.”

“Me too.”

(victory cheer!)

“Do you live in a townhouse?”

No! We live in a regular house. I would never live in a townhouse.”

(Um, I live in a townhouse.)

“Ms. ATHG, you look Egyptian.”

(Uh, Okay…)

“Ms. ATHG, you look Chinese.”

(The f*ck?)

“Ms. ATHG, you look younger than my parents.”

(You’re my new favorite.)

Small Scraps

Small Scraps: Back to School

“Ever since Kindergarten I’ve wanted to be an artist,” reported an adorable 1st grader.

A conversation between myself, a new Kindergartener and his dad:

Ms. ATHG: “Who do you have for a teacher?”

Kindergartner: “Mrs. New Teacher”

Ms. ATHG: “Oh, she’s new this year. I don’t know her.”

Dad: “That’s what everyone keeps saying.”

Ms. ATHG: “Well, I’m sure she will be great.”

Dad: “I hope so. I don’t think I can handle home schooling.”

There is a growing trend in my school to take kids out of school and home school them if the student or parent doesn’t like their teacher or someone in administration. I know this is a hot button topic, and I will not express my opinion on it, but I do find it interesting.


How do you pronounce it? I’m originally from Northern NY, with roots in Central NY and Long Island. I pronounce it, LMN-tare-y. Down here in the South it is pronounced, LMN-tree.

This summer I took a couple of AOE online courses. If you’re in need of some professional development, or you’re looking for some grad credits, I highly recommend these. I took Autism and Art and Managing the Art Room. I loved both of them and I came away with SO many great strategies to use in my room this year. From both classes. Yes, it was a lot of work, and yes, it can be expensive, but ultimately, it was totally worth it. In fact, I’m kicking myself for not coughing up the extra money for the grad course credit (even though I already have my Master’s).  The best part, for me, was being able to interact with real art teachers from across the country. I connect with hundreds of art teachers through ATHG, but with these classes, it felt good to interact with others as myself instead of  my online persona (although the two aren’t that dissimilar).

p.s. AOE hasn’t compensated me in anyway for what I just wrote about their classes, although that would be cool.

Not that long ago, as in a few weeks, I wrote about beginning a capsule wardrobe. It is going beautifully! I haven’t actually made any purchases for the current capsule (Sept-Nov) yet, aside from a couple of pairs of footwear, but I do have my eyes on a few (used) items that would complete my fall (work) wardrobe. That being said, I’m thrilled with only having the pieces that I absolutely love in my closet. It’s really forcing me to be creative with my clothes. I’ve been surprised by how many outfits I’ve come up with so far. I have literally reduced my wardrobe by 2/3 and have yet to stand in my closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” Tracking my outfits with an app has really helped as well. Anyway, if you’re in a wardrobe rut or a bind, consider venturing into this challenge.

I’m working at two schools this year, and my days are packed. This school year is going to kick my ass. Seriously. I’m up at 5:00am so I can get myself and my three year old dressed, fed and out the door in time to get the girl to preschool and me to work. I live in a very populated, congested and traffic heavy area. Driving five miles can often take 30 minutes. After an 8-9 hour day, and a 60+ minute commute home, the little one and I are back home in time to scrape something together for dinner at 7:00pm. It’s exhausting, and I’ve only been doing it for a week so far. I have no idea what shape I’ll be in a month or so. But, I have a job, and my girl is loving preschool so far (she just started), so other than the utter exhaustion, I can’t complain, can I?

I hope your school year is off to a great start! I’m sure I’ll have many tales of woe to unleash upon you. Stay tuned!

Small Scraps

Overheard in the Art Room: Small Scraps

I can’t believe they said that…

“My friend just got back from a month in Egypt…”


“We’re supposed to go to Europe this summer…”


“Who’s Adam Sandler?”

“An actor”

“He is? I thought he was a singer. You know, from American Idol.”

From the “Think before you speak” files…

“And do you know what this is called?”

“A loom”

“And how about this?” (pointing to the weft)

“I know it starts with a ‘w’… a womb!”