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You Don’t Call, You Don’t Write… Or Do You?

Turns out, you do.

Another picture from my summer vacation

Another picture from my summer vacation

Turns out your emails have been buried under a mountain of notifications in my inbox. Cleaning up my inbox was one of those items on a long list of to-do items that I just got around to doing. Reducing the number of notifications I receive via email is another item I’ve been meaning to get around to. It’s on the list. I’ll get there. In the meantime…

To Natalie, Kim S, Trish, Alex B, Stephanie S, Anne W, and Amy N, a public apology. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I have neglected my email. I will try to do better in the future, and I will try to get back to you before Christmas. Just kidding.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer “vacation”.

A Day In the Life

8 Things I Plan To Do While on Summer Vacation

While I’m vacationing in a land far, far away, I thought I would leave you this little nugget. I meant to post it back in June, but as it turns out, “far, far away” equals shoddy/no internet service, and I just couldn’t be bothered.


Actual picture from my summer vacation.


Actual picture from my summer vacation.

8 Things I Plan To Do While on Summer Vacation

Sleep in. And by “sleep in,” I of course mean “sleep until 6:00am” or maybe even 7:00am, because I have a preschooler and my preschooler is notorious for rising with the sun. You just never know though, it’s summer vacation, baby! I’m gonna live it up!

Eat more slowly. Have you ever heard that you can tell when someone’s been in prison just by the way they eat? I wonder if the same can be said about teachers? One night at the dinner table, my daughter asked why I eat so quickly. I had never thought about it, but it’s true. I’m capable of devouring an entire meal in under ten minutes. I don’t think it has anything to do with gluttony, but the fact that I’m used to having only about ten minutes to eat at work. It has become so ingrained in me to eat quickly because I have other sh*t to do, that I’ve carried it over into life at home.

Use the bathroom on my own schedule. Could you imagine applying for a job and reading in the job description that your bathroom breaks will be scheduled for you? And yet, for teachers, that’s a reality. This summer, I’m using the bathroom on my own schedule, or better yet, no schedule at all. I’m going to use the bathroom when I need to use the bathroom. Amazing.

Drink less. Because of the less stress.

Going outside in the middle of the day. On a Tuesday. I don’t know about other art teachers, but I rarely make it outside during the work day. And often times I’m assigned a windowless room, so I can go an entire day not knowing the weather. My body’s probably going to go into shock or something when it realizes that it’s outside at 11:00am.

Cut back on my coffee consumption. Maybe only one or two cups a day, which, in theory, should be doable since I’ll be sleeping in more and suffering from fewer hangovers. In theory.

Nap. Because of the reduction in coffee consumption I’ll probably need an afternoon nap. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to pay.

Participate in professional development. Summer wouldn’t be complete without a little PD, right? This summer I’ll be attending the AOE Summer 2015 Conference, although I’ll probably have to take advantage of the “watch later at your own pace using the conference ‘AOE After Pass’” feature because of this gosh-darn, laid back, relaxing vacation I’m on. And the shoddy internet. The conference is July 16th, and I won’t be back to civilization until at least the 21st of July, so… There’s still time to register if you haven’t already. The deadline is July 14th.

New this year, I’ll be attending the STEAM & Arts Integration Online Conference. STEAM is big in our schools right now, so I thought this might look impressive on the ole’ resume. Maybe earn me some brownie points with my Principals. This conference is July 23rd, registration ends July 20th.

So, what are your summer plans?
A Day In the Life

Can I See Your ID?

There is no doubt in my mind that my becoming a teacher directly correlates with the onset of my purchasing-alcohol-in-public anxiety. For reals. I have a severe (irrational?) fear of buying beer at the grocery store. I avoid it at all cost.

In college, professors give you all sorts of life advice. The advice that has had the longest lasting impression on lakeme was given by one of my education professors. “Buy your beer in the next town over,” he said. You know, lest you run into your students’ parents and they think of you as a good-for-nothing degenerate, a bad role model and someone who is incapable of educating their child. Let’s ignore the case of Mich Ultra in their cart though, because that’s different. They’re not teachers. And so I did. I took extreme measures to ensure that I never purchased a six-pack of the refreshingly thirst-quenching beverage that I was legally permitted to buy in any store that I felt my students’ parents would frequent. Evidently, all of my students must have teachers for parents because we are all shopping in the next town over.

I’m currently on vacation twelve hours and four states away from where I teach. And yet, despite this fact, as I was going on a beer run this morning going to buy coffee and razors this morning, I couldn’t help but sweat a little. I scanned the aisles for familiar faces, and when the checkout clerk asked, “can I see your ID?” I had a brief moment of panic in which I wanted to shout out, “I’m a teacher, dammit! How dare you think this beer is mine!” Alas, I held it together, purchased my six packs, and now I’m enjoying my Lake Placid Frostbite Ale* lakeside.

Stay tuned next week when I tell you about that time I did shots with some former students of mine. There’s nothing more frightening than hearing someone shout out your teacher name while you’re half in the bag and rocking out to some hippie jam band on a Saturday night in your bar**. Well, except when hearing your teacher name is quickly followed by, “shots!”


p.s. I hate to have anyone call me out for being “on vacation” after my last post in which I explained that teachers aren’t really taking a break during summer “vacation”. Don’t forget, I’m taking a couple of online courses this summer, so in between my microbrews, I’m also leaving useless, incomprehensible responses to my classmates’ discussion board posts. I’m good like that.

*I know they changed the name years ago, but it will always be a Frostbite to me.

**And then I found a new bar.