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Dear Students

#tbt: We All Have Secrets

This post previously appeared on Art Teachers Hate Glitter on February 2, 2011.

Dear Kindergartner:
Hey there, little buddy. How ya doin’? Doing good? Listen, the other day, when you were in my classroom, well, you kind of sort of left something behind when you left. I know the item in question isn’t something a student would normally leave behind in class, so I assure you I will handle this issue delicately. Here, why don’t you come over here where the other students won’t hear, and I’ll try to keep me voice down. Continue reading

Art Teachers Hate Glitter #tbt From the Archives
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#tbt: The Beginning of the Year vs. The End of the Year

This post originally aired on ATHG on May 2, 2013.

We’re approaching the most wonderful time in the school year. That time we’ve been looking forward to ever since we walked through the doors back in August/September. Yup, that’s right, the end of the school year. That glorious time of the year when students and teachers alike come to the mutual, unspoken agreement that no one gives a f* anymore, so let’s let it all hang out.

Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You know. Oh yes, you. know. A lot has happened this year. You’ve dealt with a lot this year. You’re feeling the weariness. The exhaustion. The effects of being beat down by administration, colleagues, parents and students. And ultimately, things… have… changed from the start of the school year to the end.

Let’s compare, shall we?

What do you think? Are you ready for the end of the school year yet?