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You’ve stayed up late, watching TV. Finally, you turn off the lights and settle into bed for the evening. Alas, sleep won’t come. You’re tossing and turning. Your mind is racing and your nerves are firing.

“What if it doesn’t happen?” you think.

“What if it’s not what I expected?” you wonder.

“What if…” but you’ve finally drifted off.

After a brief visit to dreamland, your mind wakens you suddenly. You look at the clock, dreading what it will show you. 3:00 am. What to do? What to do? You roll over, hoping a change in position will bring sleep again. No luck. You drag yourself out of bed and use the bathroom. Back in bed, you try to calm your frantic thoughts.

“Ugh. I just know I’m going to be disappointed.”

“Ugh. I just know he lied to me again.”

“Ugh. I just know it’s not going to be what he promised last night.”

Finally, you drift off again for a couple of more hours. Upon waking again, you glance at the clock. 4:45 am. Close enough. Throwing on a sweatshirt and your slippers, you head downstairs and turn on the living room TV. And you wait. Nothing. You wait a few more minutes. Still nothing. Finally, you curl up with a blanket on the couch, hoping to catch a few more zzz’s. Suddenly, you hear it. You bolt upright and listen carefully. Surely your mind was merely playing tricks on you. But there it was again. Your heart races with excitement.



9 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. OMG! I totally do the same thing… looking out the window by the bed each time I wake up, checking the news starting at 4:30am to see if they report the cancellation. excellent post!


  2. P says:

    I love it! Thankfully I don't have to wake up at every hour now, I can now receive text messages from the school district letting us know if we are having school that day or not!


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