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A Tiny Gripe to End a Long Week

Why can’t they make the blue pans in the watercolor trays larger? Blue is always the first color to go (what with all the skies and water students paint). Someone could make a boatload of dough with this idea. (And more green couldn’t hurt either)

p.s. I’m aware you can purchase boxes of single color refill pans, but that’s besides the point.


20 thoughts on “A Tiny Gripe to End a Long Week

  1. Agreed. The kids are all finally into their projects and you hear 'Ms. Teacher! I need more blue! (or yellow)' And that sets off about 10 more 'me toos!'

    Maybe watercolor sets for schools in general should should come with large cake pans. (note: black should be separate)


  2. I agree!! Two pans of blue (and maybe yellow and green too) in each set would be WONDERFUL. I've tried refilling the sets but it is a PAIN. Sometimes I just throw out the half-used sets. What a waste.


  3. You know, I was just thinking while reading these comments, you could probably replace the black with blue or green. I don't know why I haven't thought of that until now!


  4. I agree, especially since my students insist on painting in watercolor with an impasto technique! Yep, I take out the black and brown before I let them use them. And another thing…. why do they insist there is no paint in the pan just because they can see the bottom?


  5. OH I just LOVE this – everyone, not just me, needs more blue! I pop out ALL of the colors and have them separated by colors so we only use the colors that are needed at that time. That works pretty well, plus when I order refills, I don't have the pop them back in AND I am reducing waste. 🙂


  6. I'm telling you what. I don't mind refilling the pans, the problem is with the oval pans, the square pans, the half square pans, the blues, the greens, and all three schools. Never fail to have right color and wrong shape, or wrong color, right shape.


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